March Air Reserve Base


March Air Reserve Base is located in north west Riverside County which, along with San Bernardino County, is called the “Inland Empire” region of Southern California.

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On March 20, 1918, Alessandro Flying Training Field became March Field, named in honor of Second Lieutenant Peyton C. March, Jr., son of the Army Chief of Staff, who had been killed in a flying accident in Texas the previous month. In April 1923, March Field closed its doors and was reopened in March 1927. In the months ahead many Air Force leaders completed their initial flight training at March Field. From 1949 to 1953, the B-29 Superfortresses dominated the flightline at March Air Force Base and in 1960, the first Reserve unit was assigned flying C-119s. The first B-52B bomber, “The City of Riverside” came to March in September 1963, and the first KC-135, “The Mission Bell” arrived on October 4, 1963. For the next twenty years this venerable team would dominate the skies over what had come to be called the Inland Empire as the 22d Bombardment Wing played a feature role in the Strategic Air Command’s mission. In 1982, the 22d became an air refueling wing with the new KC-10 tanker and the California Air National Guard arrived, bringing with them the F-4C’s. In 1993, March Air Force Base was selected for realignment. As part of the Air Force’s realignment and transition, March’s two Reserve units, the 445th Airlift Wing and the 452d Air Refueling Wing were deactivated and their personnel and equipment joined under the 452d Air Mobility Wing on April 1, 1994. On April 1, 1996, March officially became March Air Reserve Base.


Team March is a multi-faceted team with numerous and varying missions. The host wing is the 452d Air Mobility Wing whose members are “professionals committed to excellence and to the highest state of readiness in support of national objectives; providing efficient and effective service while enhancing the environment, the installation, and its heritage in partnership with the local community”. Team March is comprised of many diverse organizations such as Headquarters 4th Air Force, which directs the activities and supervises the equipping and training of Air Force Reservists in unit programs across the U.S., Alaska, Hawaii and Guam; the Air National Guard (ACC and AMC); Department of Homeland Security; Air Force Audit Agency; the Defense Media Center, comprised of the Television-Audio Support Activity (T-ASA) which designs, procures, installs, and supports radio and television, visual information, media archival, storage and duplication, and combat camera systems with commercial, off-the-shelf equipment and supplies and the Armed Forces Network Broadcast Center, the sole programming source for military radio and television outlets overseas in over 177 countries around the world; 653rd Regional Support Group (U.S. Army); and the Navy/Marine Corps Reserve Center.

Population Served

The number of assigned personnel is well over 5,000. A civilian population of approximately 1,750 adds to that number and when the number of retirees and their family members served by March ARB is added, the service population number jumps to approximately 70,000. March ARB serves a large diverse population. Reservists (both ARTs and TRs), Guardsmen, and active duty from all branches of the military have a presence on March ARB.

Base Transportation

There is no base transportation on March ARB.


Sponsors are assigned to inbound Traditional Reservists to the 452 Air Mobility Wing through the Military Personnel Flight (MPF), 951-655-3028 or DSN 312-447-3028. ARTs and civilian employees will receive newcomer’s information and reporting procedures through the Civilian Personnel Flight, 951-655-4076 or DSN 312-447-4076, which is located in the same building as the MPF.

Temporary Quarters

The March Inn currently has 455 rooms in 10 buildings and 15 houses (not TLF) for temporary lodging. It’s best to call, 951-655-5241 or DSN 312-447-5241, and determine which weekends are scheduled for the Reserve and Air National Guard Unit Training Assemblies.

Relocation Assistance

As March ARB is a Reserve installation only limited relocation services are available. Newcomers briefing is held the Saturday of each UTA. Please contact us at 951-655-5350 or DSN 312-447-5350 if you have questions regarding your relocation to March.

Contact Information

452nd AMW Public Affairs
895 Baucom Ave SE (Bldg 317)
March ARB, CA 92518
(951) 655-4137
Base Directory: (951) 655-1110

The area code for March Air Reserve Base is 951. The DSN prefix is 447.

452nd Force Support Squadron (ie. MWR or Services)
– Consolidated (Hap Arnold) Club – 655-4920
– Outdoor Recreation – 655-2816
– Sports and Fitness Center – 655-2284
– Tickets and Tours – 655-4123

Air Force Reserve Recruiters – 655-2555 / 2833

Automated Lodging Reservation System (ALRS) – 888-452-1121

Billeting/Lodging (March Inn) – 655-5241

Chaplain  – 655-4105

Civilian Personnel – 655-4076

Commissary – 655-3967

Contracting Office – 655-4042

Education Office – 655-4442

Exchange – 653-3111

Family Readiness and Support – 655-5350

General Old Golf Course – 697-6690

Law Enforcement Desk – 655-2981

Legal Office – 655-4479

Military Personnel Customer Support (and ID card center) – 655-3028

March Field Museum – 902-5949

Pass and Registration – 655-3791 (Visitor’s Center)

Passenger Terminal / Space-A Travel – 655-3214 / 2397
(24-hour flight information ) – 655-2913

Public Affairs – 655-4137

Retiree Affairs Office – 655-4077

Traffic Management Office (TMO – household goods) at Camp Pendleton – 760-725-8177

For all other phone numbers, call the base directory at 655-1110