Camp Humphreys


One of South Korea’s fastest growing installations, U.S. Army Garrison Humphreys is located 55 miles south of Seoul, the nation’s capital. Camp Humphreys is a short distance from the city of Pyongtaek, and adjacent to the town of Anjung-Ri. USAG Humphreys is a growing community with new barracks, a youth center, a new education center, a 156 room lodge, PX, Commissary, Community bank, Navy Federal Credit Union, and six Family Housing towers with space for 352 families. Camp Humphreys homepage: Camp Humphreys is home to Desiderio Army Airfield, the busiest U.S. Army airfield in Asia. In addition to the airfield, there are several U.S. Army direct support, transportation, and tactical units located there, including the 2nd Infantry Division’s 2nd Combat Aviation Brigade.


In 2004, an agreement was reached between the United States and South Korean governments to move all U.S. forces to garrisons south of the Han River and relocate the United States Forces Korea and United Nations Command Headquarters to Camp Humphreys. Those movements are expected to be completed by 2016 and will transform Camp Humphreys into the largest U.S. Army garrison in Asia. Under that plan, the 28,500 U.S. troop presence in South Korea will be consolidated by 2016 and United States Forces Korea will move from Seoul to Camp Humphreys.

Cost of Living

Seoul is one of the most expensive large cities in the world to live. Pyeongtaek, and Anjung-ri offer high and low cost living areas.

Base Operator

011-82-2-7913-1110 or DSN 315-723-1110


Camp Humphreys is a multi-cultural diverse community which serves DoD personnel, Families, civilians, contractors, retirees and joint services. The current installation population is about 12,000 with 5,000 Soldiers, and the rest are Civilians, Family Members and contractors. This population will significantly increase to 37,000 by the time transformation is complete in 2016.

Base Transportation

The Kyung Dong bus travels from USAG Yongsan to Osan Air Force Base and Camp Humphreys seven days a week. The Camp Humphreys Bus (New Kyung Dong Tours) travels to Osan AB and Yongsan. All tickets are one way. Maps, fares and operation times are available at the Bus Terminal by the USO or Camp Humphreys homepage.

Child Care

Camp Humphreys operates 2 CDC with a capacity of 613 children offering full-day, part-day, hourly and extended duty child care. As is standard with U.S. Army Child Development Centers, the overall development of the child, improvement of motor skills, growth of social skills, personal hygiene and early education are all important parts of the program. Care is provided by trained staff and operations are subject to Department of Defense (DOD) certification. This center has completed NAEYC’s national, voluntary accreditation system which has set professional for early childhood education programs, and helped families identify high-quality programs for their young children. COL Dean Hess CDC is slated for NAEYC accreditation in 2018/2019.

We are committed to supporting the military family by recognizing the uniqueness of each family’s lifestyle and cultural heritage. Parents are encouraged to participate in center events and activities. We strive to meet each child’s social, emotional and intellectual needs to instill in each child a feeling of competence and positive self-concept. We value and support our staff through staff development and continuing education so they become even better equipped to support the individual needs of children. Phone: 011-82-31-690-8601/ 756-1100 or DSN 315-753-8601/756-1100.


Children of Active Duty members and Command Sponsored DOD Civilians attend Humphreys Central and West Elementary School and Humphreys Middle/High School, located on USAG Humphreys near Pyeongtaek. Standardized test scores for the Camp Humphreys, American School are available through the DoDEA Data Center.

Youth Services: Families play a key role in the Army community and Camp Humphreys Child and Youth Services (CYS) is proud to provide you with the best care and support for your children and youth. We offer children of US military personnel, DoD civilians, retirees and contractors a comprehensive set of programs to assist the military’s young people grow into healthy, well-rounded, productive adults.

The mission of CYS is to promote readiness by reducing conflict between parental responsibilities and unit missions. We offer care and open recreation activities for children from six weeks to 18 years of age as part of full-day, part-day, hourly, after-school and weekend programs. Our goal is to assist your child by promoting intellectual growth, physical ability and social skills.

Army Community Service: ACS: http// 011-82-31-690-8401 or DSN 315-753-8401


Command Sponsored military are eligible for on-post family housing. Two, 3, 4, 5 and bedroom units available. Available waiting time is 6-18 months. Contact the Housing Office at 011-82-31-690-6617/7358 or DSN 315-753-6617/7358 or visit the Army Housing Onestopwebsite, click on Korea and Humphreys for housing information.

Contact the Housing Office at 011-82-31-690-6617/7358 or DSN 315-753-6617/7358 or visit the Army Housing Onestop website, click on Korea and Humphreys for housing information.


USAG Humphreys, Korea has U.S. government and contract positions available with limited amount of positions within the local community and Home Based Enterprises (HBE) may be conducted with the approval of the Garrison Command. Spouse of active duty and federal civilian employees have hiring preference upon arrival for all government positions, for more information on government employment please visit website. For a list of federal positions visit the USAJOBS website. Contact your ACS Employment Readiness Program for assistance with contractor and local community opportunities and more information on HBEs.

Post Services:

MWR Facilities – Camp Humphreys offers numerous indoor and outdoor recreational facilities and clubs, including:

Alaska Mining Company – Alaska Mining Company is the garrison’s only full-service casual dining restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week.

The Flightline Taproom – Serves a buffet lunch, ala carte option as well as late night entertainment in Friday and Saturday.

Community Recreation:

Arts and Crafts – The Arts and Crafts Center provides monthly scheduled classes and special classes to help learn or enhance skills. The Arts & Crafts Center allows eligible patrons to come in and use the workspace and equipment available.

Augusta West Miniature Golf – This 9-hole mini golf course offers a unique recreational opportunity at no cost during the summer. Golf clubs and golf balls can be signed out at no cost from the front desk of the Splish & Splash Water Park.

Auto Skills – The Auto Skills Center is co-located with the Outdoor Recreation Center and provides POV inspections, self-help regular bays, vehicle lifts, paint booth, body bays, welding, machine shop, wheel balancing, tire changes and balancing, computer diagnosis, electrical systems testing, and special tools with applicable charges.

BOSS – The Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers Program is open to single and unaccompanied U.S. and Korean service members stationed in Area III with three key areas of service: leisure recreation, community service and well-being.

Community Activity Center and LeCAC Café: The Community Activity Center (CAC) is the garrison’s gathering place, providing entertainment and recreation such as video games, online computer access, a game room, free WiFi, a music practice booth, billiards, musical instruments, board games, international fax service, pool tables, a large TV lounge and the Community Theatre. LeCAC Café provides those on-the-go a variety of quick food options, without the fast food feel.

Discover Seoul: A concessionaire based in the Community Activity Center, Discover Seoul provides complete domestic travel, concert tickets, event tickets, rental cars, regional information and recommendations and general community and hotel information.

CAC Indoor Pool: The Community Activity Center’s indoor pool offers 6 swim lanes, a hot tub, sauna and both men and womens’s locker rooms.

Fitness and Sports Fields: The garrison features, and Family and MWR manages, a variety of all weather, outdoor turf football fields, as well as softball fields, volleyball courts and a 330 meter track.
Humphreys Community Fitness Center – The 110,000 square foot Humphreys Community Fitness Center has three floors and boasts an indoor pool, three full-sized basketball courts, a 200 meter running track, dynamic weight room, indoor rock climbing wall, racquet ball courts, cardio equipment and a myriad of classes.

Fitness Annex: This facility is designed for functional fitness and features CrossFit classes and equipment.

Gateway Game Room: Complete with a full bar and a variety of slot machines, the Gateway Game Room is your place to kick back and unwind after your workday. The casual atmosphere of the Gateway Game Room invites you to enjoy a pint while vying for a chance at Lucky Sevens.

Library: The Ray E. Duke Library at Camp Humphreys offers book lending, WiFi access, commercial Internet computers, photocopiers, homeschooling resources and designated quiet study areas in which to learn.

MP Hill / Zoeckler/ Sitman Fitness Center: These Fitness Centers offers cardiovascular equipment, a comprehensive weight room, a basketball court, a rock-climbing wall, an aerobic room and two racquetball courts.
Outdoor Recreation Center – Services including hiking, fishing, extreme sport and festival trips; garden plots; Warrior Adventure Quest and rentals of a variety of personal outdoor gear; plus laser tag and a remote control race car track. Outdoor Recreation also manages the garrison’s parks, charging daily deposit and usage fees to commands, organizations and individuals for use. Other outdoor activities on the garrison include paintball, disc golf and a skate park.

Splish and Splash Water Park: This aquatics facility’s features include three pools of various sizes and depths, diving boards, curlicue slides, a kiddie playground, a hot tub and a stage for bands and other performers.

Special Events – Family and MWR plans and implements unique, large scale activities that bring entertainment and enjoyment to the broadest range of the USAG-Humphreys Garrison and Area III population.

Suwon Fitness Center The Fitness Center located on Suwon Air Base offers a variety of weights, cardio equipment, sports fields and fitness classes.

Suwon Library: The library at Suwon Air Base offers book lending, WiFi access, commercial Internet computers, photocopiers, homeschooling resources and designated quiet study areas in which to learn.

Suwon Recreation Center: This center on Suwon Air Base offers a variety of activities ranging from board and table games to X-Box, PS-3, and Wii. Weekly trips and tours are also provided.

USA Travel Office: The US Airline Alliance can make your next vacation simple and stress-free. We provide arrangements for package tours to a variety of exciting destinations in Asia, including Jeju Island, Vietnam, China, Mongolia and more. Visit our office on the second floor of the One-Stop building to discover our current specials.

Zoeckler Fitness Center: Zoeckler Station Fitness Center offers cardiovascular equipment, a comprehensive weight room, a basketball court, a rock-climbing wall, an aerobic room and two racquetball courts.

Commissaries: 1 medium sized commissary, Exchange System: 1 Exchange, Food Court, 4 Shoppettes, 2 Exchange New Car Sales on post Financial Institution on post: Navy Federal Credit Union & Community Bank.

Medical Services: Medical care and services are routinely available to active-duty military and their eligible dependents at the U.S. Army Health Clinic-Humphreys. There are no emergency medical services currently available on this installation. Services that are not available at this installation can be accessed through the local TRICARE office. Appointments: DSN 315-737-2273. We do offer some specialty clinics. For more information go to and type in Humphreys-Health in the search box.

Special Installation Messages:

Passports — Service members are not required to secure passports for entrance into Korea for their duty assignment because of an existing Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA). Family members who accompany or visit the service member are required to have a government no-fee passport and an A-3 VISA prior to entering Korea. Service members will need copies of PCS and/or leave orders to travel between the US and Korea.
Unless you are command sponsored, there may not be space available for schooling purposes. There are alternate, private schooling options.
Shipments of pets (cats and dogs) are subject to Korean Customs and Quarantine requirements. You must have a special permit for importation when shipping pets other than cats and dogs. Call DSN 753-7657 or from a cell phone call 0505-353-7038.
Defense Service Network (DSN) Dialing Instructions

The DSN is the provider of long-distance communications service for the Department of Defense (DoD). Every installation has a special DSN number and the numbers vary by world-wide location. In order to place a call using DSN, the caller must be using a military phone on an installation. Cell phones cannot dial DSN numbers. When dialing a DSN number from a United States installation to another United States installation, it is unnecessary to dial the DSN 312 area code. When dialing a DSN number to/from overseas locations, the DSN area code must be included. The operator can be reached at commercial (719) 567-1110. Please note that long distance charges may be incurred.