Hunter Army Air Field

Hunter Army Airfield (HAAF) is a military airfield and subordinate installation to Fort Stewart.


HAAF is located in Savannah, GA. The cost of living is low, and houses range in price depending on the area in which you choose to live. Savannah has a large trained workforce, little traffic congestion, a year-round ideal climate, all the amenities of a large city.

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When the Air Force closed their base at Hunter Field in Savannah, in 1967, the Army promptly assumed control and the U.S. Army Flight Training Center was developed in conjunction with the flight training being conducted at Fort Stewart. The helicopter pilot training was rapidly accelerated and pilots were trained and soon sent to duty all over the world, with a large percentage seeing active duty in Viet Nam. After a brief closure at the end of the war in Viet Nam, HAAF was reopened when the 1st Battalion, 75th Infantry Regiment (Ranger), parachuted into Fort Stewart and reactivated it. Hunter Army Air Field assumed an important role supporting the training and activities of the Rangers. On October 30, 1998, the new Departure/Arrival Airfield Control Group (DAACG) facility, named the Truscott Air Terminal, was dedicated at HAAF.


Hunter Army Air Field’s mission is to provide command, control, training, administration, logistical and civilian-military support to assigned and attached non-divisional units stationed at Fort Stewart.

Population Served

Hunter Army Airfield Population

Active Duty

Active Duty
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Family Members







Base Transportation

Currently, there is no base transportation on this installation.


The Hunter Army Airfield/Fort Stewart Sponsorship Program requires every Soldier, sergeant (E-5) through Colonel (0-6), receiving an assignment to Fort Stewart, be provided a sponsor. To get the benefits of the Sponsorship Program, Soldiers must fill out the DA Form 5434 (Sponsorship Program Counseling and Information Sheet). Contact the Marne Reception Center at 912-767-0113 for questions or other concerns.

Temporary Quarters

Soldiers and Family Members on official (PCS) and temporary duty (TDY) orders to and from the installation have priority at Army Lodging on the Installation. Reservations can be accepted up to one year in advance. Limited rooms are available for Soldiers with pets at Army Lodging. There is a nonrefundable fee of $45 for pets and an additional charge of $3 per night per pet up to a maximum of 2 pets. Up to date veterinarian records are required when checking in. Single and unaccompanied Soldiers, E1 through E4, will be assigned to a room in the post barracks.

Relocation Assistance

Army Community Service (ACS) Relocation Readiness offers a variety of services and resources to eliminate the stress associated with relocating. Stop by ACS and pick-up your Welcome Packet; it includes phone directories, maps, and local information. The Loan Closet has basic household items available for soldiers and families arriving or leaving HAAF while their household goods are in transit (please bring a copy of assignment orders and an ID card). We also offer a Newcomers EXPO that brings in agencies and organizations from on and off post to provide information on what is available in the Savannah area. Call the ACS Relocation Program Coordinator at 912-315-2694 for more information.

Contact Information

The installation’s base operator is 912-767-1411 or DSN 312-870-1411.