Letterkenny Depot


Located in Letterkenny township, the 17,500 acre depot is just northwest of the borough of Chambersburg.  Letterkenny is one of the top three employers in Franklin County, PA. Originally established as an ammunition depot, today Letterkenny Army Depot is known as the Army’s Capabilities Based Depot.

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The mission at Letterkenny Army Depot is to provide outstanding safety and health protection to our soldiers, employees, contractors and visitors through solid management systems and employee involvement. We are committed to attaining a world class occupational safety and health management system, and firmly believe in the objectives and philosophy of the Voluntary Protection Program. We will continually strive to reduce workplace injuries and illnesses and to protect our valued employees, their families and our communities


In 1941, Letterkenny was chosen by the U.S Department of War to be one of twelve new ordnance depots. On December 18, 1941, the secretary of war  issued the directive to acquire 21,000 acres (85 km²) at Letterkenny for a depot. Letterkenny’s mission would be to reduce the surplus of forthcoming material and to store and ship ammunition, trucks, parts, and other supplies.

December 18, 1941 went down in history for Franklin County, Pa. by becoming the future landmark of Soldier support and dedication for generations to come. It was on that date, only 11 days after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the Secretary of War issued a directive to acquire the site of Letterkenny Ordnance Depot, which would later become known as Letterkenny Army Depot (LEAD)/

The first shipment of ammunition arrived by train on September 23, 1942. More than 3 million tons of supplies were moved during World War II, Letterkenny was one of the largest depots of its kind and was called the Springboard of Invasion in 1944. Letterkenny became a permanent military installation on July 1, 1954. The ordnance depot was renamed Letterkenny Army Depot in August 1962, and command and control of the depot fell under the U.S Army material command. In the 1960s, with the war of Vietnam, Letterkenny’s missions increased.

 Population Served

Letterkenny is comprised of over 2,800 Army civilians, contractors and military personnel. The depot population includes 32 “change agents” that have served as facilitators
in the lean office on a permanent or rotational basis.

Base Transportation

Currently, there is no base transportation to this depot.

Contact Information

Mr. Mark Sheffield
Chief of Staff, Letterkenny Army Depot
1 Overcash Ave.
Chambersburg, PA 17201
Telephone: (717)267-8084
Fax: (717) 267-9724

Letterkenny Army Depot Operator (Information):
(717) 267-8111, DSN 570-8111

Police, Fire, Ambulance: Emergency: 911, Non-Emergency:
(717) 267 – 9101

DOIM Technical /Hardware support:
(717) 267 – 8000

LEAD Quality Hotline:
(717)-267.9693 or DSN 570-9693

Security Office:
(717)267-8800, DSN 570-8800

CAC and Military ID Office
Provides CAC/Military IDs Updates
DEERS information
Appointment only, Mon – Fri 0730-1500
Please call (717) 267-8751

EEO office and Sexual Harassment Hotline: (717) 267-8324

Driver Hotline Number (717)-267-5220

Public Affairs Office:
(717)267-9741, DSN 570-9741
Mailing address:
Letterkenny Army Depot
1 Overcash Avenue,
Chambersburg, PA 17201-4150