Presidio of Monterey (DLI/FLC)

The Presidio of Monterey (POM) is an active duty U.S. Army installation, located in the city of Monterey, California about 117 miles south of San Francisco, on the Pacific coast. It is currently the home of the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center (DLI-FLC).


POM is located in Monterey County in the city of Monterey, California, on the Pacific coast approximately 120 miles south of San Francisco. The USAG POM installation is located approximately 8 miles from the Ord Military Community (OMC), where the majority of students and permanent party military personnel live in military housing on a portion of the former Fort Ord. The base operator’s phone number is 831-242-5119. The Monterey Peninsula is favored by nature and has a rich history, and few spots anywhere can match its year round moderate climate and its rugged coastline. The Monterey Peninsula is a high cost of living area. Although the Presidio of Monterey has played a significant role in the city of Monterey’s history, Monterey is not in itself a military city.

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In 1770, Monterey became one of five presidios, or forts, built by Spain in what is now the western United States. American control of the area began in 1846, during the war with Mexico when Commodore John D. Sloat, commander of the U.S. Navy’s Pacific Squadron, landed a small force unopposed in Monterey and claimed the territory and the Presidio for the United States. In November 1941, the Army established a secret school on the Presidio of San Francisco to teach the Japanese language to American soldiers of Japanese descent. In June 1946, the school was designated as the Army Language School and later renamed the Defense Language Institute in 1963.


The mission of POM is to provide professional base support services which facilitate mission readiness and promote well-being for all supported elements. The primary tenant organization is the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center (DLI/FLC). DLI/FLC provides foreign language education, training, evaluation, and sustainment for DoD personnel in order to ensure the success of the Defense Foreign Language Program and enhance the security of the Nation.

Population Served

USAG POM supports a joint-service population of Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, Coast Guard and their Family Members.  The current total population is approximately 42,850, which comprises an active duty population of 4,655 Service Members and 27,893 retirees.

Base Transportation

There is a military shuttle once daily from OMC to the Presidio of Monterey.  It departs from the Stilwell Community Center at 0607 and returns in the evening departing from POM at 1729.  There is also the following service by the Monterey-Salinas Transit on POM, OMC and the Naval Postgraduate School:

Route #12 Monterey – The Dunes via NPS:  Monterey Transit Plaza, La Mesa (military housing), Naval Postgraduate School, Fitch Park (housing at OMC), DOD/POM Annex (OMC), The Dunes Shopping Center.

Route #14 NPS – Monterey via La Mesa:  MontereyTransit Plaza • La Mesa • Naval Postgraduate School • Monterey Courthouse

Route #76 Presidio – Stilwell Park Express: Stilwell Park • Commissary/PX • Child Care Center • Hayes Park • Downtown Monterey • Presidio of Monterey

Route #77 Presidio – Seaside Express:  Seaside Highlands • Seaside • La Mesa • Monterey Courthouse • MPC • Glenwood Circle • Downtown Monterey • Presidio of Monterey

Route #78 Presidio – Pacific Grove Express:  New Monterey • Pacific Grove • Lighthouse Ave. • 17 Mile Drive • Country Club Shopping Center • The Presidio Of Monterey

Route #75 Presidio – Marshall Park Express:  Marshall Park • Fitch Park • Commissary/PX • Stilwell Park • Downtown Monterey • Presidio of Monterey


If you know your unit assignment at the Presidio, contact that unit to see whether there is a sponsorship program. See the Major Unit Listings for contact information. Service members coming directly from basic training will not be assigned sponsors.

If you do not currently have a sponsor, please call the Individualized Newcomer Treatment and Orientation (INTRO) manager at DSN 312-742-2626 or 662-434-2626, so that a sponsor can be assigned to assist you.

Temporary Quarters

Temporary lodging is available at the Presidio of Monterey (POM) and at the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS). Reservations must be made in advance. For POM Lodging reservations and information, call the lodging office at 831-242-5091, DSN 312-768-5091. The POM lodging only has two (2) units for pets and there is an additional fee. Contact POM Lodging for details.

For NPS Lodging call 831-372-6133, or 800-628-9466. They have four (4) rooms for pets. There is an additional charge for pets. Call for further information or to make reservations.

The Navy Gateway Inn & Suites (former BOQ) has rooms available for personnel on PCS orders to Monterey. Those not on orders may call regarding Space Available reservations. They have a strict no pet policy. The number for reservations and further information is 831-656-2060.

Relocation Assistance

Army Community Service (ACS), located in the Stilwell Community Center, Bldg. 4260 on Ord Military Community, offers a full range of relocation assistance services including a complete Loan Closet. We offer items that include, Aero beds, foam mats, kitchen utensils, pots and pans, folding chairs and tables, high chairs, strollers, dishes, “Pack and Plays” playpens, car seats, and telephones. A Newcomer’s Briefing is held for Service Members and Family Members every Tuesday at the Weckerling Center. Speakers from varying organizations on post give short briefs in the morning. In the afternoon the organizations have information tables to answer questions and give more detailed information and handouts. You can contact the ACS Relocation Manager at 831-242-7661, DSN 312-768-7660.

Critical Installation Information

Housing in the Monterey area is among the most expensive in the country. Affordable off-post housing is limited. Rental properties in the Monterey Peninsula area range from $900 for an unfurnished one-bedroom apartment to $2,100 for a house. Most landlords do not accept pets, the ones that do normally charge between $100 and $250 in additional deposits, plus a monthly charge. Generally, expect to pay the first and last month’s rent, up front, or a deposit plus the rent.

There are two military housing areas available to personnel assigned to POM: The Parks at Monterey Bay located in La Mesa, and the Ord Military Community located on a portion of what used to be Fort Ord. These are operated under the residential communities imitative by Pinnacle. Contact them at 831-644-0400 or 800-334-916.

Soldiers who have just finished their Basic Combat Training, and who are reporting to the Defense Language Institute (DLI) as their first long-term duty assignment, need to be aware that they will go into Phase IV of their Initial Entry Training here at the Presidio of Monterey. This means that, for their first four weeks here at the Presidio, they will be restricted to post, living in the barracks, and not allowed to wear civilian clothes or to operate a privately-owned vehicle, during that time. This can significantly complicate settling a family into government provided quarters. Married soldiers who are coming to the Presidio of Monterey directly from Basic Training are strongly encouraged to arrange for movement of their family members here to the Presidio after, rather than during or before, their first four weeks here at DLI.

Contact Information

The DLIFLC and Presidio of Monterey Automated-Attendant phone number is 831-242-5119 and can be called 24 hours a day.

For the Presidio’s Automated Operator call (831) 242-5000.

Community Relations
Phone: (831) 242-6429

Garrison Commander’s Hotline
Phone: (831) 242-4CDR (4237)

POM/OMC Disaster Hotline
Phone: 1-888-607-0001