USCG Base Alameda


Base Alameda is located on Coast Guard Island in Alameda, California and is home to a variety of tenant commands: Pacific Area Commander and Defence Force West; Sector San Francisco; Pacific Regional Fisheries Training Center; Maritime Safety & Security Team 91105; and homeport for three National Security Coast Guard Cutters: CGC BERTHOLF, the CGC WAESCHE and the CGC STRATTON which was commissioned on 31 March 2012. There is one High Endurance Coast Guard Cutter CGC MORGENTHAU.

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Established 15 February 2012, Base Alameda provides a wide variety of services in direct support of Coast Guard activities throughout the West Coast.


USCG Alameda provides a wide variety of services in direct support of Coast Guard activities throughout the West Coast. Base Alameda departments are Procurement and Contracting, Comptroller/Base Operations, Healthy Safety and Work Life, Personnel Support, Facilities Engineering. ESU and NESU Alameda are subordinate commands under the Base. Personnel Support includes the management of approx 700 CG-owned Housing units, transportation of household goods, the Child Development Center (CDC), Morale, Recreation and Welfare (MWR), and personnel support services. Facilities maintenance is provided to all tenant commands and detached units on Coast Guard Island Alameda, and industrial support is provided throughout the West Coast.

Temporary Quarters

Novato Temporary Quarters

** Free Wi-Fi Access in Regular Rooms and Suites** Not available in Apartments or Duplex

** Please note this is a FREE service. If Wi Fi fails there is an 800 # to call for support help. If Wi Fi fails to work for any reason (your equipment or ours), we are unable to give a refund. If you ‘REQUIRE’ this service, please consider this fact.

Among these temporary quarters are 8 single-room units, 4 suites, 11 two-bedroom apartments and 1 three-bedroom duplex. These units are available for active duty, retired and reserve military personnel and their families. Civilians of the USCG are also authorized.

Rental rates are based on the sponsor’s pay grade. Our temporary guest quarters units are located on the former Hamilton Air Base. We are surrounded by lush green rolling hills and beautiful Spanish style housing, which is now Coast Guard Housing for personnel in the San Francisco Bay Area. These units are great for military families processing in or out of the area.

Phone: (415) 506-3130

Relocation Assistance

The Transition Relocation Specialist is located in Bldg 16 and provides a wide range of services and information on local CG units, child care, education and dental care, recreational opportunities, spouse employment, BAH and more.

Contact the Housing Officer that maintains responsibility for your new unit. The Housing Office will explain what housing options are available to you, as well as guide you in your housing selection.

The PSSU Alameda Housing Office handles administrative functions related to owned or leased housing for the San Francisco Bay area. PSSU Alameda manages 866 units at three sites: Alameda, Concord and Novato. Novato now has Temporary Guest Housing. TRACEN Petaluma is responsible for permanent and student housing at TRACEN Petaluma.

Critical Installation Information

Vehicle Passes & Vehicle Registration

The Base Security Office issues vehicle passes and decals for all authorized personnel requiring routine access to and parking on Coast Guard Island (CGI).

Location: Bldg 3
Phone: (510) 437-3151
Hours: Monday thru Friday, 8AM – 3PM Closed for lunch noon to 1pm
All personnel requesting a decal must provide the following items to Security:

Current vehicle registration
Valid State drivers license
Current Military/Dependant ID card
Proof of current insurance showing policy dates and applicable vehicle
Expiration Tab: For vehicles already having a decal (but the decal date has expired) you will need to provide all the information listed above plus the decal number from your vehicle.

Frequently Called Numbers on Base

All Coast Guard Island phone numbers begin with (510) 437-xxxx, unless otherwise stated below.

Accounting Branch x3240

Administration x5655 (Includes Passports; for ID cards, see below)

Auto Hobby Shop x3883

Barber Shop x3160

Barracks x3535

CGFIXIT 855-243-4048

Chaplain, Eleventh District 219-0361

Chaplain, PacArea x 3067

Child Development Center x2743

Clinic Front Desk, Medical x3581 or x3582

Columbia College 510-437-1280

Command Center (CGI) x3700

Command Master Chief x3926

Command Secretary x5371

Commanding Officer x5371

CG Exchange – x3165

Credit Union, Sea West 532-5160

Decedent Affairs Officer x5848

Dental Clinic x3615

Dock Master x3156; Assistant Dock Master x3822

Educational Services Officer x3946, x5738, x5846

Engineering Customer Service Desk x3275

Engineering Work Orders – See Base Alameda Portal (intranet) on FE page

Environmental Branch Chief x5775

Exchange, Base x3165

Executive Officer x5371

Facilities & Engineering Division x3272

Facilities, Reserve (ie, Pt Welcome, etc) x5350

Galley x3303 (If no answer, call Command Secretary)

Gas Station x3165

Gym x3580

Health Services x3581

Hobby Shop, Auto x3883

Housing Office – Alameda (510) 769-0831

Housing Office – Concord (925) 685-6854

Housing Office – Novato (415) 382-4244, Maintenance (415) 883-3496

ID Cards/DEERS x5648

Industrial Manager (NESU) x3285

Janitorial Services (COTR) x3957

Legal X3330

Mailroom x3153

Maritime Licenses 637-1120 (Oakland Federal Bldg)

Morale, Well-Being & Recreation (MWR)
– MWR Director x3579
– MWR Accounting x3832
– Ticket Sales x3578
– Facility Reservations (CG Island Alameda, CA) x5350
– Novato Temp Quarters (Novato, CA) (415) 506-3130

Motor Pool x3270

Officer of the Day (OOD) x3151 or 453-6903

Ombudsman, Base 925-363-5503 Ms. Terry Garrison

Optometry x5988

Passports x5655

Patients Affairs Office (888) TRI-WEST or (888) 874-9378

Personal Property Shipping Office (Transportation) x5911/3683

Pharmacy Office x3602

Port Services x3156

Post Office x3161
– Hours: Monday – Friday 1000-1240 and 1315-1500

Pest Control Services x3284

Recruiting, CGI x3941

Recruiting Office, Alameda 769-8187

Reservations for CGI Facilities x5350

Reserve Force Readiness Branch – D11 (DXR)
– Reserve Force Readiness Branch Chief x5352
– Reserve Program Admin x3787/5600
– Reserve Orders x3787/2797/5600
– Reserve Berthing x3787/2797
– Reserve Training x3787/5600
– Reserve Account Reconciliation x2795

Safety Coordinator x3285

Sea West CG Credit Union 532-5160

Security x3151

Servicing Personnel Office (SPO) x3712/3680

Tailor/Dry Cleaning x3165 (On-site tailor shop is closed; call CGX)

Tailor, DeeBee’s in Alameda 522-1531 2064 Lincoln Ave

TRIWEST (888) TRIWEST or (888) 874-9378

Vehicle Decals & Registration x3151

Work Life x5924

“Z” Cards 637-1120