MCB Camp S. D. Butler


Welcome to MCB Camp S. D. Butler located 300 miles due south of mainland Japan on the island of Okinawa. Perhaps the most unique characteristic about Okinawa is that unlike most duty stations, MCB Camp Butler is physically separated throughout the island into a number of different camps.

Okinawa is home to MCB Camp S. D. Butler, which includes: Camp Kinser; MCAS Futenma; Camp Foster; Camp Courtney; Camp Hansen; Camp Schwab; and Camp Gonsalves. Okinawa is also home to four other USMC major subordinate commands: (1) III Marine Expeditionary Force; (2) 3rd Marine Logisitics Group; (3) 3rd Marine Division; and (4) 1st Marine Aircraft Wing.

Navy presence on Okinawa includes Commander Fleet Activities, Okinawa with its tenant commands and the U.S. Naval Hospital on Camp Lester. Naval facilities are physically located throughout Okinawa (on Kadena Air Base, Camp Shields and White Beach Naval Facility). There is also a significant Air Force and Army presence on Okinawa located at Kadena Air Base and Torii Station. The base operator’s phone number is 011-81-98-911-5111/5112 or DSN 315-911-5111/5112.

Military members stationed in Japan receive a cost of living allowance (COLA) that helps make up for the falling dollar.


Marine Corps Bases, Japan, the senior Okinawa Marine Corps command, controls all Marine installations on Okinawa and mainland Japan, to include Camp Fuji and Marine Corps Air Station, Iwakuni.

Marine Corps Base Camp Butler’s history began in 1955, when it was located at Camp Tengan near Camp Courtney. Today, the Camp Butler headquarters is located at Building 1, Camp Butler.

Most Marines stationed here belong to the III Marine Expeditionary Force, III MEF, headquartered at Camp Courtney. The III MEF activated during World War II (1942), where it fought as the Marine Amphibious Force. It carried this name through Vietnam, after which it re-settled in Okinawa in 1971.


A Marine Air Ground Task Force is an interwoven, combined and balanced airborne and ground force, completely supported by its own combat service support element. The commanding general of each Fleet Marine Force can organize a MAGTF into various spheres of responsibility as the assigned mission dictates. A MAGTF can be quickly deployed by amphibious assault shipping, aircraft, maritime prepositioning force ships and military sealift command ships.

Population Served

Active Duty Navy/Marine – 17,117
Families – 9,741
Civilians – 4,415
Retirees – 1,000

Base Transportation

An inter-camp shuttle (Green Line)service picks up and drops off people between the different camps on the island, according to a set schedule. It is much like a city bus system, except it is free. This shuttle provides transportation as far north as Camp Schwab or as far south as Camp Kinser. If a particular ride is nearing capacity, those wearing a uniform are given priority.


To request a sponsor you need to fill in the sponsorship request form (MCO 1320.11E for Marines) or (Navpers 1330/2 for Navy). The request should be submitted to your administrative section. All forms and information may be found at the MCCS Okinawa web page under Sponsorship (Marine & Navy Sponsorship Information) or on your Welcome Aboard CD-ROM.

If you need to send mail to Okinawa prior to your arrival: Accompanied military personnel & civilians will need to send a copy of your orders and area clearance (USMC) or dependant entry approval (USN) to your sponsor. Your sponsor will setup your post office box and send you the address. Unaccompanied personnel will need to request your unit specific address from your sponsor or command.

To request a Sponsor here at Camp S. D. Butler, Okinawa for Navy/Marine Corps prior to your arrival use the e-mail listed in the Relocation Assistance contact, which you can locate in “Installation Contacts”.

Temporary Quarters

Upon arriving on Okinawa, your sponsor should arrange for you to stay at one of the many government approved TLA facilities until you have found suitable housing for your family. TLA is contingent upon:

Marines must utilize a government TLA facility, i.e., WestPac, Courtney, or Hansen Lodge, unless an endorsement is obtained stating that the facility closest to their place of work is not available for occupancy.
Upon arrival, Navy personnel should check with their personnel support detachment for current guidelines.
Relocation Assistance

The Relocation Assistance Center provides assistance to all service members and their families who are relocating from one duty station to another. You may contact the Relocation Assistance Center from the States by calling 11-81-611-745-8395. The variety of services available is extensive:

Pre-Departure Planning Determining Needs and Priorities
Destination Information (Sample Welcome Aboard Packages)
Sponsorship Assistance and Training
Automated Relocation Information
Automated Road Atlas
Resource Library, to include videos on Marine Corps installations
Realtor Relocation Packages
Relocation Workshops including: Newcomers’ Orientations; Smooth
Move Workshop; Sponsorship Training; Cultural Adaptation Programs
Loan Closet

Critical Installation Information


Camp S D Butler (Camp Foster, Kinser, Courtney, Hansen, Schwab and MCAS Futenma)
Stillwill Drive
Marine & Family Program – Resources, MCCS
Building 345
Phone 011-81-611-745-8395
Phone (DSN) 315-645-8395
Fax 011-81-611-745-7229
Fax (DSN) 315-645-7229