Naples NSA


This installation is located in Naples, which is a city in the Campania region of Southern Italy. Italy is a land of antique beauty and rich culture. Its formation in the depth of the sea created its contours, plains and mountains as well as its variety of soils and climates. Italy has a total land surface of about 116,000 square miles. The eastern and western coasts of the peninsula are separated by the Appennini mountain range. The Alps line its northern border. Northern Italy has a continental climate similar to its neighbors north of the Alps. Winter is cold and rain falls in the spring and summer. Central and southern Italy have a Mediterranean climate where winters range from cold to mild and are often rainy, while summers tend to get fairly hot. The base operator’s phone number is 011-39- 081-568-5547.

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Italy proclaimed unification in 1861, but became a fascist dictatorship under Mussolini from 1922 to 1945, after defeat by the Allies. After World War II (WWII), Italy became a republic and in 1948, became a democracy with a parliament, a prime minister and a president. There are many active major political parties in Italy. The government is run by a coalition of several different parties, with the leader of the coalition serving as prime minister. Since WWII there have been more than thirty governments in power. Political instability has resulted in a lack of continuity on broad social and economic reforms. Modern Naples, a major seaport, has retained much of its ancient beauty and splendor. Medieval castles and classic ruins exist side by side with industrial elements. For more information on Naval Support Activity Naples see the installation’s homepage.


Our mission is to exercise command and area coordination over assigned activities, to coordinate provisions, and to provide logistics and administrative support to authorized U.S. personnel attached to NATO Commands located in the Naples area and U.S. Navy operating forces, Naval activities and units in the Naples/Gaeta area and other U.S. agencies as directed, as well as to carry out responsibilities for other U.S. Naval matters assigned by competent authority.

Population Served

US Active Duty – 2,304
US Family Members- 3,852
US Civilian Hires – 1,278
NATO Military – 925
NATO Family Members – 1,250

Base Transportation

The current bus system will provide transportation between specific Military Installations (including the Navy Lodge). School bus transportation is also provided for school age children, pick up points is determined by population distribution. For a current schedule, please see your sponsor. It can also be obtained from the Fleet & Family Support Center.


For help with your move to Naples, you may contact the Fleet and Family Support Center (FFSC), 011-39-081-811-6372 or DSN 314-629-6372. The first item of concern for a newcomer should be their sponsor contact information. We can help you by emailing your Command Sponsor Coordinator and requesting a sponsor. All sponsors are required to meet their newly arriving member at either the Air Mobility Command (AMC) or commercial air terminal. If your sponsor is not there to meet you when you arrive, please contact the NSA Quarterdeck for assistance at 081-568-5547.

Temporary Quarters

Upon arrival of Active Duty Military, all newcomers with families will stay in the Navy Lodge at the Support Site if space is available. If you are single and are authorized to live on the economy, you will also stay at the Navy Lodge. If you are not authorized to live on the economy, you will be staying the BEQ at the Support Site or Capodichino, depending on where you will be working. DoD Civilians are not restricted in temporary lodging, but may stay in the Navy Lodge if space is available. The following is contact information for temporary lodging 011-39-081-568-4336 or fax 011-39-081-568-4842; DSN 314-626-4336 or DSN fax 314-626-4842.

Relocation Assistance

The Relocation Assistance Program (RAP) is designed to assist personnel as they move into and out of the Naples area. Area Orientation (AO) introduces service members, DoD Civilians and families to the Naples community. AO also includes in-processing paperwork for PSD, Medical/Dental and Legal as well as speakers who will be assisting with POV, personal property, and housing needs. You will be invited to a “Meet and Greet” that will also introduce you to some of the major programs including adult education, off-duty recreation, religious programs and many others. Smooth Move workshops are to help departing personnel and families prepare to PCS out. Topics include information on final bill payments, contracts, and household goods shipment. The Loaner Locker items are available to support personnel reporting in and detaching out of the Naples area. The Relocation Specialist can be reached at DSN 314-629-6372 or 011-39-081-811-6372.
Critical Installation Information

Required Legal Documents

All incoming civilians are now required to obtain a Visa prior to arrival in Italy. Military members will continue to be admitted into the country on military ID and travel orders alone. All family members and DoD Civilians must have both an Official or a No-fee passport, and a Visa. Dependents who are citizens of European Union countries do not require a Visa. DoD Civilians must have a Visa that reads “for Mission Purposes” (vista per missione). Thus, any DoD civilian traveling on orders must possess a Mission Visa, and an Official or No-fee passport.

Dependents (including children) must also have a Visa that reads “for Mission” (Vista Per missione). Be sure that the Visa is not a tourist or other type of Visa. This Visa must be included on the dependent’s no-fee passport.

Sojourner Permit

A Sojourner’s Permit is required for all military dependents, DOD civilian employees, and their dependents. Application must be made within 8 days of arriving in Italy. This document, which is issued by the Italian government, permits civilians to legally reside in Italy. Before you travel to Italy, you must have all necessary documents for this permit. Specifically, you must have a Visa, issued by an Italian consulate, stamped on your no-fee U.S. passport. It is essential to work with your sponsor and new command to ensure you have all of your documents before you depart for Italy.


MIHA – The Move In Housing Allowance is a “one time” allowance used to ease the financial burden of moving into economy quarters. It helps to defray the costs of additional cabinets, light fixtures, and various other items for your home. Allowance is not offered to personnel who choose to live in government quarters.

OHA – The Overseas Housing Allowance is a variable allowance that fluctuates with the price of the Euro. OHA changes very often due to the fluctuating Euro rate.

COLA – The Cost of Living Allowance is a variable allowance that is closely monitored to ensure that all service members receive an increase in the money required to survive the cost of living fluctuations. Naples is considered a high cost of living area. COLA also changes very often due to the fluctuating Euro rate.