NAS Jacksonville


Welcome to Naval Air Station (NAS) Jacksonville, a multi-mission base hosting more than 100 tenant commands. Located in Duval County, along the west bank of the St. John’s River in northeast Florida, it is a 20-minute ride to the heart of the City of Jacksonville. NAS Jacksonville occupies approximately 3,400 acres along the scenic St. John’s River and employs more than 17,000 active duty and civilian personnel.

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On Oct.15, 1940, Naval Air Station Jacksonville was officially commissioned, and became the first part of the Jacksonville Navy complex that would also include NAS Cecil Field and Naval Station Mayport. Captain Charles P. Mason raised his pennant as the station’s first commanding officer.
Prior to the commissioning, on Sept. 7, 1940 Cmdr. Jimmy Grant became the first pilot to land on the still unfinished runway in his N3N-3 biplane. More than 10,000 pilots and 11,000 aircrewmen followed their lead to earn the wings of gold at the station during World War II.
Increased training and construction characterized Jacksonville’s response to America’s entry into World War II. Three runways over 6,000 feet long were operating, as were seaplane ramps. Overhaul and Repair facilities (what is today the Naval Aviation Depot today) were built to rework the station’s planes.


We enable naval aviation warfighting readiness by supporting the fleet, fighter and family.

Population Served

NAS Jacksonville has 10,200 DoD personnel, 34,000 families, 6,000 federal employees, 890 NAF employees, and 2,500 contract employees.

Base Transportation

There is no base transportation on this installation.


Contact your gaining command for sponsor assignment. Communication with your sponsor is critical to their success in assisting you prior to, and upon your arrival. Provide flight information, if you will be arriving at the Jacksonville International Airport, number of passengers and approximate number of bags you will have so your sponsor can meet you with the appropriate sized vehicle. The USO maintains a military assistance office, open from 9:00 a.m. until midnight daily. It is located at the bottom of the escalators, on the left side near the baggage pickup area. Because this office is manned by Volunteers, there may be times when it is not open. Contact telephone number is FREE 904-741-6655. A taxi ride from the airport will cost you about $50.00. The NAS Jacksonville Quarterdeck is located on the main floor of Bldg. 1. Enter the Yorktown Avenue (Main Gate) entrance and proceed to Langley St. The Administration Bldg. 1 is located on the right, at the corner of Yorktown Avenue & Langley Street.

Temporary Quarters

Temporary lodging on base is not guaranteed. Be sure to make arrangements prior to your arrival. Berthing is generally not available for single E-5 and above personnel on PCS orders to NAS Jacksonville. We can house those E5 and above personnel in our Navy Gateway Inns & Suites for up to 30 days “at cost.” You may contact the Reservation Office at 904-542-3138/3427 or DSN 312-942-3138 for more information. There are very limited spaces for E5 and above Geographical Bachelors. The rooms are multiple occupancy with common head facilities. You are strongly encouraged to contact the CBQ prior to accepting orders. Do not just assume you will get Geo-bachelor housing. Call 904-542-8196 for information.

Relocation Assistance

Assistance and guidance is available for newcomers at the Fleet and Family Support Center. The loan Locker has hospitality (kitchen) kits and sleep pads available for loan up to 30 days, on a first-come first-served basis, for inbound personnel who may be waiting on their household goods to arrive. A copy of the service member’s orders and a military I.D. are required. Contact the Relocation Office at 904-542-4977 if you have any questions.

Critical Installation Information

Provide your contact telephone number and disposition instructions to the Personal Property Office immediately upon arrival in the area. You may stop by the office located on Yorktown Ave. in the Fleet & Industrial Supply Center, Bldg. 110, or call FREE 904-542-1000 ext 1 or 800-762-4221 ext 1. Customer hours are 7:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.
This installation no longer has a telephone operator. Refer to installation homepage and click on Useful Info/FAQs for the telephone directory.
Florida law requires you to turn on your car headlights whenever there is any restriction to visibility while driving. This includes rain, fog, smoke, as well as at dawn and dusk. You may find that Florida drivers are impatient and tend to speed up to “beat a yellow light” rather than prepare to stop. Consequently, many drivers run red lights and you become the victim. Take an extra second to be sure the oncoming traffic is stopping before you enter an intersection.
Newcomers and departing families may wish to know about the Navy Wives Club’s “Not-New” Shop, located behind the Navy Marine Corps Relief Society in rear of Bldg. 13, left side of main gate entrance. The shop is open Tuesday and Thursday, from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., and 1st & 3rd Saturdays 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. This is a great opportunity for you to drop off still usable household items, clothing and military uniforms so that other military and families can use them. If it’s junk, used tires, or non-working appliances, just trash it. Newcomers, junior members, and those just setting up a household, should stop in to check out the bargains. For more information, phone 904-542-1582 during open hours. If you have large furniture items or appliances you would like to donate, call during open hours for guidance on drop off.

Frequently Called Numbers on Base

Branch Medical Clinic FREE 904-542-3500
Central Appointments 904-542-4677/ 1-800-529-4677
Central Billeting Office (Bachelor Enlisted Quarters) 904-542-8195 DSN: 942-8195

Child Development Center 904-542-5434 DSN: 942-5434

Child Development Homes (CDH) 904-542-5381 DSN: 942-5381

ENT Clinic 904-542-7465 Naval Hospital

Exceptional Family Member (EFM) 904-542-2766 ext 145 DSN: 942-2766 ext 145

Heritage Cottages 904-542-3138 /904-542-3139

Hospital Information (Navy) FREE 904-542-7300 DSN: 942-7300

Housing Referral 904-542-2996 DSN: 942-2996

Jacksonville TRICARE Service Center 904-381-9015 / 1 800-444-5445
Morale Welfare & Recreation (MWR) FREE 904-542-3111 DSN: 942-3111

Naval Dental Center 904-542-3441/ 904-542-3442
Naval Hospital Jacksonville Admissions 904/542-7811 DSN: 942-7811

Navy College Office 904-542-2475/904-542-2477

Navy Housing Welcome Center 904-542-2996 DSN: 942-2996

Navy Lodge central reservations 904-772-6000 / 1 800 NAVY INN
Transient Lodging 904-542-8195/3138 DSN: 942-8195/3138

Youth Activities Center (c) 904-778-9772