Lincoln Air National Guard Base


Lincoln Air National Guard base is a Nebraska Air Guard base located approximately 6 miles  northwest of Lincoln Nebraska. The facility is a joint use civil airport/military base with the Lincoln Airport that provides aviation, charter and air services to the general public.

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On 1 July 1939, the Lincoln Airplane and Flying School was established at Lincoln Airfield. It was one of nine civilian contract flight schools contracted by the U.S Army Corps for basic flight training of air cadets under the 4500 pilot training expansion program. It was operated by the Reverend J. E. Sias. However, due to the short summer flying season, it was closed on 15 November 1940. It was moved to Lakeland Florida, where it reopened under the name “Lakeland School of Aeronautics” and continued Army contract pilot training. As part of the contract flying school, the Air Corps established the 47th Training Detachment to command the military flight cadets at the school, which apparently also moved to Lakeland along with the school.

Lincoln Airport and the Air National Guard facilities today use new facilities on the east and southeast side of the former SAC airfield. Located to the west side of the airfield, some of the large SAC hangars still are used, while others have been razed. The B-47 parking ramp is deserted, as well as the former B-47 alert pads, still in evidence along the 32 end of the northwest runway. The odd pieces of concrete in the airfield area, disconnected from the runways and taxiways are historic reminders of the World War II era, drug supply, being parts of the old wartime airfield from the 1940s. What was the base area of the air force base today is a quiet place, largely unused.

Today, the former Lincoln Air Force Base hangars and ground station are under private ownership of numerous businesses and individuals. The old Fire Station is still in use. The streets of the base still are in evidence, but many of the old military buildings have been torn down, leaving large vacant grass areas. The former military family housing area is now a part of the Arnold Heights Park community, and new housing has been built on the south side of the base. Some new construction of businesses has been made, but the sounds of SAC jet B-47 bombers taking off from Lincoln AFB with JATO bottles has long ago faded into history.


The KC-135 Stratotanker’s principal mission is air refueling. This asset greatly enhances the U. S. Air Force’s capability to accomplish its mission of Global Engagement. It also provides aerial refueling support to U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps and allied aircraft.

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Is parking available at the Lincoln Airport?

Yes, both long and short-term parking lots and a covered parking garage adjacent to the terminal are available. For parking rates and details see Parking & Transportation. All parking areas are a short walk directly across from the terminal.

Is lodging available near the Lincoln Airport?

Several motels are located within a mile of the Airport. On occasion, major activities at the University of Nebraska could make lodging more difficult to find. Be sure to check well in advance of your trip. You may also check at the Lincoln Convention and Visitors Bureau.

How early should we arrive at the Airport before our scheduled departure?

If you have tickets in your possession you should check in at the airline counter no less than 60 minutes before your scheduled departure. If you have reservations, but do not have tickets in your possession, allow more time and check with your airline.

Contact Information
ID Cards 402.309.1452
Management 402.309.1104
Lodging 402.309.1580
Security Forces
(24HRS) 402.309.1552
SARC 402.309.1113
Recruiting 402.309.1218
Command Post
(24HRS) 402.309.1234
Airman & Family Readiness 402.309.1588
Exchange 402.474.3454
Public Affairs 402.309.7302
Public Affairs 402.309.1039