MacDill Air Force Base


MacDill Air Force Base is located eight miles south of Tampa, Florida on the Southwestern tip of the Interbay Peninsula in Hillsborough County.

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MacDill was named after Colonel Leslie MacDill. MacDill Army Base was officially activated on April 16, 1941. The first mission was training airmen in the B-17 Flying Fortress and B-26 Marauder aircraft. Increasing tensions in 1961 led to the activation of the U.S. Strike Command, headquartered at MacDill. MacDill became a Tactical Air Command Training Base with the F-4s and then F-16s. The last F-16s left the base in 1994 and the base had no active duty aircraft for the first time. The 6th Air Mobility Wing was activated October 1, 1996, with the arrival of 12 KC-135 Stratotankers.  MacDill was a strategic center for such military operations as Just Cause in Panama, Desert Shield and Storm in the Persian Gulf and Operation Uphold Democracy in Haiti.


The MacDill AFB is an Air Mobility Command (AMC) base capable of rapidly projecting air-refueling power anywhere in the world. Organized into four groups to carry out a two-fold mission of air refueling and airlift support to the two Unified Commands based at MacDill. MacDill is home to the United States Central Command and United States Special Operations Command and 51 other tenant units.

Population Served

  • Joint Service Active Duty: 12,000
  • Joint Service Civilians: 7,000
  • Joint Service Reserves: 2,150
  • Family Members: 12,400
  • Retirees: 133,032

Base Transportation

Base Taxi is provided to members for official appointment, call 813-828-5282. FREE Local and Express bus service is provided to Active duty members and DoD employees via the HART Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority . The Department of Defense provides a tax free transit subsidy for all employees of up to $230 per month that can be used to pay for vanpooling. MilitaryVanpool is an vanpool option at MacDill, for routes visit the MilitaryVanpool website.


Please ensure you have secured a sponsor from your new unit prior to arrival. If for any reason you have not been assigned a sponsor, or if your sponsor is not available and you are experiencing any difficulties, please contact your unit or the MacDill Air Force Base Airman and Family Readiness Center, 813-828-0137 or DSN 312-968-0137.

Temporary Quarters

Reservations can be made in advance by contacting the MacDill Inn at 813-828-4259 or DSN 312-968-4259.

Relocation Assistance

There are a multitude of resources and services offered by the Airman and Family Readiness Center and other base agencies that will help you to make a smooth transition. For more detailed information, call the Airman and Family Readiness Center at 813-828-0145 DSN 312-968-0145.

Critical Installation Information

May, June, July and August are extremely high PCS months for MacDill. It is very important that inbound personnel arriving during these months call the MacDill Traffic Management Flight in advance at 813-828-6722 or DSN 312-968-6722 or toll free 1-800-432-7131 to provide contact information.

Contact Information

Base Operator (813) 828-1110

Base Locator:
Air Force (813) 828-2444
Army (813) 827-6910
Marine Corps (813) 827-5875
Navy( 813) 827-5875

Visitor Reception Center (813) 828-2737

Legal Office (813) 828-4422

Chapel (813) 828-3621

Pass and ID (813) 828-2278

Housing Office (813) 828-3166

Airman and Family Readiness Center (813) 828-2721

Hospital Appointment Line:
Medical (813) 827-2273
Dental (813) 827-9401

Lodging Reservations (813) 828-4259

Education Office (813) 828-3115

Golf Course (813) 840-6904

Base Library (813) 828-3607

Base Exchange (813) 840-0511

Commissary (813) 828-4832