NAS Pensacola


Pensacola is located in extreme Northwest Florida at the Florida/Alabama state line in Escambia County, 60 minutes east of Mobile, 45 minutes west of Ft. Walton Beach, and 500 miles Northwest of Orlando. The altitude ranges from sea level to 120 feet above sea level. Escambia County is 661 square miles and the City of Pensacola is 25.09 square miles. NAS Pensacola is located in Escambia County in the panhandle of Northwest Florida. The installation covers a total of 8,423 acres of land – 5,804 acres at NAS Pensacola proper, and over 2,500 acres at other locations including Corry Station, Saufley Field and Outlying Landing Field Bronson. NAS Pensacola FACSFAC controls over 18,000 square miles of airspace.

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NAS Pensacola is known as the Cradle of Aviation and was the first site of an established Naval Aviation command during WWI.


To fully support the operational and training missions of tenants assigned and to enhance the readiness of the U.S. Navy, its sister armed services and other customers, thus, enabling them to meet mission requirements.

Population Served

NAS Pensacola has approximately 14,544 military personnel per year, not including family members. All branches of the military are represented on this installation and Corry Station. There are approximately 450,000 people who are residents of the Pensacola area.

Base Transportation

Currently, there is no base transportation on this installation.


Sponsors are provided for permanent duty personnel, sponsors are not provided for students. All reporting personnel are required to check in at the NAS Pensacola Quarter Deck, Bdlg 1500, 850-452-3100 Ext. 0, in the Uniform of the Day with orders in hand. You will be directed to your respective command from there. For your specific command phone number contact the Relocation Office 850-452-5991 ext. 3122, ext. 3124, or ext. 3123.

If you desire a Welcome Aboard Package you can contact the NAS Pensacola FFSC Relocation Office, Monday – Friday, 7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., if no answer follow the instructions and leave a message. If on PCS (Permanent Change of Station) orders contact your gaining command for sponsor assignment. Sponsors are not required to meet incoming personnel until you reach your gaining command. The USO maintains a military assistance desk at the Pensacola Regional Airport from 9:00 a.m. – midnight daily, this desk is manned by volunteers and there may be times when it is not open.

For change of address for incoming military personnel contact your receiving command (Admin Dept) and inform them that you will be forwarding your mail and will pick it up upon your check-in. Though this is only a temporary measure, you will be responsible for establishing a permanent change of address through the US Post Office as part of your check-in procedures.

Temporary Quarters

Temporary lodging is provided for single military personnel E-4 and below, enlisted E-5 and above will have to reside in the community. There are no Geo Bachelor quarters available. Visiting personnel should check in at Bldg. 600. You can get directions at the Front or Back Gate at NAS Pensacola. Make your reservations at the Navy Lodge, Navy Gateway Inn & Suites, Oak Grove Trailer Park/Camp Site/Cabins as soon as possible, especially during the tourist season (Memorial Day – Labor Day). Married personnel on PCS orders have priority for reservations at the NAS Pensacola Navy Lodge, reservations should be made as soon as you receive your orders. Make sure you make arrangements prior to your arrival. There are four rooms available at the Navy Lodge that are Pet Friendly for pets up to 50 pounds. These rooms are on a first come basis, pets must be vaccinated and you must bring pet’s shot records with you. Contact the Navy Lodge Reservation Office at 850-456-8676; Fax 850-457-7151 for more information.

Relocation Assistance

The Relocation Assistance Office provides Welcome Aboard Services to all military (active duty and reserves and all branches of the service) personnel, DoD employees and retirees. NAS Pensacola FFSC Loan Locker consists of Kitchen items only, and are on loan for 30 days to military personnel or their authorized family members. Furniture, linens, cribs, playpens, car seats, nor any other loaner items are available. Due to the high mark-up of the “rent to own” stores in the area, often a mark-up of 200%, it is not recommended military personnel or their family members “rent” from these stores. Contact us at 850-452-5991 ext. 3122, ext. 3124, or ext. 3123.

Critical Installation Information

Provide your contact telephone number and disposition instructions to the Personal Property Office as soon as you check-in if on a weekday. NAS Pensacola Personal Property Office is located at 121 Cuddihy St. Bldg 680, Suite C, SW corner, or call 850-452-4654. Customer hours are 7:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m., Monday – Friday, closed Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays.

Florida law requires you to turn on your car headlights whenever there is any restriction for visibility while driving. This includes rain, fog, smoke, as well as at dawn and dusk. Drivers in Pensacola are impatient and tend to drive aggressively, speed up to “beat” yellow lights and run red lights. Make sure traffic has stopped before you enter an intersection.

Frequently Called Numbers on Base

Ambulatory Care/Naval Hospital (850) 505-6788
Navy Ashton Inn & Suites (866) 274-8668 (Reservations)

Bachelor Enlisted Housing (reservations) (850) 452-7782 /(registration)(850) 452-7076/ (BEH Manager) (850) 452-5098 DSN: 922-7077

Before & After School Program Before and After School Program (850) 452-2417
Center for Information Dominance, Corry Station Child Development Center (850) 453-6310

Central Appointment Desk/Naval Hospital FREE (850) 505-7171
Child and Youth Programs Regional Office Child & Youth Programs Regional OfficeCenter (850) 452-6568

Child Development Center (CDC) Child Development Center (850) 452-2211/ (850) 452-2161 DSN: 922-2211

Child Development Homes Program (850) 452-6806
DENTAL CLINIC (NAS) FREE (850) 452-5600
Housing Referral Office (850) 452-4412 ext. 0 / 1-800-793-9407 DSN: 922-4412 ext.0

Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) 452-3806 DSN: 922-3806

NAS Pensacola Branch Clinics Navy Branch Health Clinic (850) 452- 5242 (Medical)/ FREE (850) 452-5600 (Dental) DSN: 922-5452

NAS Pensacola Regional Child Development Center (850) 452-6568
Navy Family Home Care Program (FCC) (850) 453-6310
Navy Lodge Pensacola (850) 456-8676 / 1-800-628-9466 (Reservations)

Youth Center (850) 452-2417