McChord Air Force Base (Joint Base Lewis-McChord)


Joint Base Lewis-McCord is a training and mobilization center for all services and is the only Army power-projection platform west of the Rockies. Its key geographic location provides rapid access to the deep-water ports of Tacoma, Olympia and Seattle for deploying equipment. Units can be deployed from McChord Field, and individuals and small groups can also use nearby Sea-Tac Airport.

The strategic location of the base provides Air Force units with the ability to conduct combat and humanitarian airlift to any location in the world with the C-17A Globemaster III, the newest, most flexible cargo aircraft in the airlift force.

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Welcome to Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Wash. The joint base, which began operation in January 2010 from the consolidation of Fort Lewis and McChord Air Force Base, is one of 12 new joint bases created by the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure Commission. The new joint base begins service with 93 years of history as the oldest military installation in the Pacific Northwest. Fort Lewis was established in 1917 and McChord Air Force Base was established in 1947, the same year the U.S. Air Force became a separate branch of the armed forces.


Joint Base Lewis-McChord is a training and mobilization center for all services and is the only Army power-projection base west of the Rocky Mountains. Its geographic location provides rapid access to the deep water ports of Tacoma, Olympia and Seattle for deploying equipment. Units can be deployed from McChord Field, and individuals and small groups can also use nearby Sea-Tac Airport. The strategic location of the base provides Air Force units with the ability to conduct combat and humanitarian airlift with the C-17 Globemaster III.

Population Served

Joint Base Lewis-McCord is a United States military facility located 9.1 miles (14.6 km) south-southwest of Tacoma, Washington under the jurisdiction of the United States Army Joint Base Garrison, Joint Base Lewis-McChord. The facility is an amalgamation of the United States Army Fort Lewis and the United States Air Force McChord Air Force Base which merged on 1 February 2010 into a Joint Base as a result of Base Realignment and Closure Commission recommendations of 2005.

Base Transportation

The Kitsap Airporter offers daily shuttle service between JBLM and Sea-Tac Airport. For rates and schedules, call (360) 876-1737. Reservations can also be made at: AMTRAK ticketing, scheduling and reservations service is available through the bus depot or by calling (800) USA-RAIL, (800) 872-7245.

Pierce Transit offers service on base near the Main Gate on bus route 300 from the base to South Tacoma Way and the Tacoma Mall Transit Center. For information about bus routes, rates, schedules and car/van pools, call (253) 581-8000 or visit

For Airmen on JBLM on TDY, the base taxi service is available by calling 982-2685.

Taxi services are available in and around JBLM and Lakewood, call Pacific Northwest Dispatch Taxi service at (253) 589-1000, (253) 582-3000. Metered rates (on and off base) are $3.75 on flag drop and $2.25 per mile thereafter for one to five passengers. Wait time is 50 cents per minute.

Military Airlift Command flights are available from McChord Field for active-duty military and eligible Reserve Component military. For recorded information on the next day’s flights, call 982-7268. For more detailed information, call 982-7259.


Army Personnel
All officers and enlisted Soldiers must report to the Waller Hall Welcome and Farewell Center, Building 2140, on arrival regardless of unit assignment. If you are not able to report on the required date, call Travelers Assistance at (800) 582-5552 or the Welcome Center at 967-7004 or DSN 357-7004.

You can expect to be with the detachment six days. Once you sign in, you will receive a billeting assignment, bedding and a temporary meal card if you are not on separate rations. If your family arrives with you, the Welcome Center will help make them comfortable during your in-processing. To avoid difficulty with obtaining temporary lodging for your family, make reservations at the Rainier Inn, 964-0211.

You should have all your records with you: personnel, finance, medical and dental. You must be in uniform to in-process. The duty uniform for in-processing is ACU.

Air Force Personnel
All active-duty service members are required to in-process through the customer service office located within the Military Personnel Section upon arrival. At that time, your relocation package will be opened and the customer service office will collect your unit personnel records group (if e-records not established yet) as well as a current SGLI form. You will receive back all other records, such as medical, dental and on-the-job training records. After you receive your medical and dental records, you will take them to the medical and dental clinic at your earliest convenience. You will also be scheduled for the Base Newcomers’ Orientation Program at this time.

At the base newcomers’ orientation, you will attend briefings provided by different base agencies on Joint Base Lewis-McChord and you will accomplish your travel voucher with finance, as well as speak with a representative to set up with TRICARE-West.

Temporary Quarters

Families may stay in temporary lodging such as the JBLM Rainier Inn while waiting for on-base housing or locating housing off base. If lodging facilities are full, arrangements can be made by the desk clerk for local hotels at a reduced rate.

The 459-room inn is located near the Base Exchange, Commissary, library, bank, credit union and many other facilities. It has a large playground and plenty of parking. No pets are permitted. Additional lodging facilities, six cabins with pets permitted, are located on JBLM Lewis North and controlled by the inn. Reservations for PCS and TDY personnel can be made by calling commercial 964-0211, 967-2815 or McChord Field 584-1471; or e-mailing

For information on rates, contact the Joint Base Lewis-McChord Inn; reservations desk is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week for customer convenience.

Relocation Assistance

The Newcomers’ Orientation is held the second and fourth Thursday of each month at the McChord Club and Community Center. It is a mandatory appointment, and attendees are required to be in uniform of the day. Spouses are highly encouraged to attend. If newcomers need free child care, contact the Airman and Family Readiness Center at (253) 982-2695 or DSN 382-2695 to request a child care for PCS certificate (20 hrs. per child) upon arrival at Joint Base Lewis-McChord.

Bring all receipts necessary for completing your travel voucher, which will be done during the finance in-processing portion. Be sure to speak with the squadron liaison to pick up your squadron’s in-processing checklist.

Critical Installation Information

Important Note: If you are a new accession, be prepared to provide all enlistment documents to include prior service and Guard/Reserve documents. If you are prior service (enlisted only), have your DD 214 available. Also, it is very important that you bring a copy of your travel voucher to ensure your active duty pay account is established through finance.

In case of emergency during your trip to Joint Base Lewis-McChord, contact your sponsor, unit first sergeant or commander. To reach your unit, call the Joint Base Lewis- McChord automated director assistance at (253) 982-1110 or DSN 382-1110. The 24-hour arrival point is the Evergreen Inn and offers temporary housing at (253) 982-5613 or DSN 382-5613.

Frequently Called Numbers on Base

Base Operator Phone: (253) 982-1110 DSN: 382-1110

Billeting Office- Evergreen Inn (253) 982-3591 DSN: 382-3591

Child Development Center (253) 982-2958 DSN: 382-2958

Dental Clinic (253) 982-5505

Education Office (253) 982-5695

FAMCAMP (253) 982-5488 DSN: 382-5488

Family Child Care Program (253) 982-5762 DSN: 382-5762

Health and Wellness Center (HAWC) (253) 982-2393

Housing Office (253) 982-5514

Medical Clinic (253) 982-5766 (Primary Care) or (253) 982-5687 (Flight Med)

Optometry Phone: (253) 982-2032

TRICARE/TRIWEST Regional Appointment Center (TRAC) 1-800-404-4506

Washington Homeschool Organization (425) 251-0439

Youth Center (253) 982-2203 DSN: 382-2203