Warren Air Force Base


Francis Emroy Warren Air Force Base is located in Cheyenne, Laramie County, Wyoming. The base is immediately adjacent to the West side of the City of Cheyenne and is directly across US Interstate 25 and three miles north of the I-80 and I-25 interchange. Cheyenne can be easily accessed by car, Great Lakes Airline, Shuttle from Denver International Airport, or bus. Cheyenne is located 100 miles north of Denver, Colorado and is the transportation crossroads in the Southeastern corner of Wyoming. It is eight miles north of the Colorado Border on I-25 and forty miles west of the Nebraska border off I-80.

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It was on the branch of the South Platte River, three miles west of what is today Cheyenne that Fort D. A. Russell was established in 1867. Originally named in honor of Civil War Brigadier General David A. Russell, F. E. Warren Air Force Base is the oldest continuously active military installation within the Air Force. It’s home to the 90th Missile Wing and Headquarters, 20th Air Force, of Air Force Global Strike Command.

When President Lincoln and Congress set plans for the transcontinental railroad, they recognized the need for a military installation to protect Union Pacific workers from hostile Indians. On July 4, 1867, the railroad established its mountain region headquarters at Crow Creek Crossing, later known as Cheyenne. A few weeks later, the U.S. Cavalry moved from temporary headquarters in Cheyenne to a point three miles west and established Fort D. A. Russell. Thus, 1867 was the beginning of a city and a fort, and both have grown together over the years.


The men and women of Warren AFB and the 90th missile wing, also known as the Mighty Ninety, remain poised to accomplish their vital mission: “Provide preeminent combat capability across the spectrum of conflict.”

Population Served

The 90th Missile Wing employs approximately 3,361 military members and 964 civilian employees. Family members of assigned military members add another approximately 5,445 to the local population. Also, some 5,000 military retirees reside in the area.

Base Transportation

Currently, there is no base transportation on this installation.


A sponsor is someone from your new unit who is assigned to assist you in settling into your new location. You must request a sponsor through your unit. You can learn more about the sponsorship program and how to apply through your Relocation Assistance Program or the Family Center at your new installation.

Your Service will appoint your sponsor in writing. He/she will be the same or close to your rank and the same marital status, if at all possible. This person will be knowledgeable about the local community and the installation; available to assist you and your family for at least two weeks post arrival, and be someone who is positive and outgoing.

Temporary Quarters

Welcome to Crow Creek Inn, where historic brick buildings comprise lodging facilities at Warren. Originally built in the early 1900s, all of the buildings have been remodeled and upgraded to highlight the beauty of the past with the most modern conveniences and pet-friendly rooms.
Crow Creek Inn administrative offices, 7103 Randall Ave., are open 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays and the reception desk is open 24 hours a day. An employee is always on duty to assist. Also at the reception desk, a variety of toiletry and sundry items are for sale. There is an indoor playroom and TV room in the Wyoming Inn, Building 241, across from the laundry room. The playroom and living facility playgrounds are for TLF guests only. Be sure to review the in-room guest information book for additional information on policies, services and facilities.

Relocation Assistance

Moving is a way of life in the Air Force. Whether it’s your first, fifth, or last move, it’s always a major undertaking and it is important that you seek services of the Airman and Family Readiness Relocation Assistance Program. The Relocation Assistance Program staff helps Air Force single and married members as well as DoD civilians and families through all aspects of a move through programs and services such as:

-Access to SITES, an information data base with helpful and important information about your new installation and the local community.

– CROSSROADS, available on the Internet, is an invaluable relocation assistance resource with multiple hot links to various important DoD and civilian relocation assistance resources .

– One-on-one counseling to address your specific needs and questions.

– Brochures and videotapes of each Air Force base and most other DoD installations, and their surrounding community.

– A variety of software to assist plan your road trip as well as comparing the cost of living, taxes and more at your gaining installation.

– Access to the Family Matters Network, an automated network which allows Airman and Family Readiness Centers worldwide to communicate with each other to address your relocation needs and questions.

– Workshops covering all aspects of relocation.

– Our Relocation Assistance Program also offers mandatory training to all sponsors.

Point of contact: Master Sgt. Roger Bullis
HQ ACC Airman and Family Readiness Matters
Commercial: (757) 764-2689

Critical Installation Information

Incoming people are encouraged to stop at the visitor’s center for information and directions. Vehicles with Department of Defense decals will stop for an identification check. Other vehicles will be stopped. Drivers will be asked to present a copy of their orders, a valid driver’s license and military ID card to obtain passes.
The gate guard can provide directions to the 24-hour central arrival point at the Crow Creek Inn, Building 216. This office will assist in contacting sponsors.
After checking in at the central arrival point, members should report to their unit orderly room and the customer service section in the military personnel flight, Building 1284, located on Saber Road.
In-processing begins at 8 a.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays in Building 1284. All in-processing appointments must be scheduled through the MPF personnel employment element. The unit CSS will help coordinate a time and date with the MPF for in-processing. Records must be turned in one day prior to the in-processing date. During in-processing, a schedule of briefings is provided. Customer service hours are from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. weekdays. For more information call customer service at (307) 773-1845.

Frequently Called Numbers on Base

Base Operator DSN: 481-1110 (307) 773-1110
Child Development Center (307) 773-3221 DSN: 481-3221

Crow Creek Inn Lodging (307) 773-1844 DSN: 481-1844

Dental Clinic 773-1846

Education Center (307) 773-2117 DSN: 481-2117

Housing Office (307) 773-1840 DSN: 481-1840

Medical Clinic : (307) 773-2277 DSN: 481-2277

School Age Program (Youth Center) (307) 773-2564 DSN: 481-2564

Teen Center and Roller Rink (307) 773-2279 DSN: 481-2279

Youth Center (307) 773-2564 DSN: 481-2564