Youngstown Air Reserve Station

Youngstown ARS is a military facility located in Vienna Center, Ohio. The host wing for the installation is the 910th Airlift Wing (910 AW), an Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC) unit.


Youngstown Air Reserve Station is located in northeast Ohio, in the Mahoning Valley area between Cleveland, Ohio and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Mahoning Valley area includes the area of Trumbull and Mahoning Counties, Ohio. This area covers 1,029 square miles and is home to nearly 475,000 people. There are several large employers, to include the installation, General Motors, Humility of Mary Healthcare, and Forum Health but there is also a higher than national and state average unemployment rate. The education system is strong in pursuing technological excellence. The Mahoning Valley area contains urban, town, and farming communities.

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There has been a continual military station presence in the Mahoning Valley area since 1917. The adjacent civil airport (Youngstown-Vienna Regional Airport) was constructed in 1933 under the Western Reserve Port Authority. A detachment of fighter planes was stationed here during World War II. After the War, a group of local Army Air Corps veterans formed the first Air Force Reserve unit here and it operated from the airport.

Construction on the current installation began in 1952 and Youngstown Air Force Base opened in 1953. In 1961, the control of the base was transferred from the active duty Air Force to the newly formed Air Force Reserve, with the 910th Carrier Group as the “host” unit.

In the years since 1961, the 910th has had several missions operating many aircraft. The most significant change was in 1981, when the unit was redesignated as the 910th Tactical Airlift Group, flying C-130B Hercules. The unit converted to the “H” model of the C-130 in 1990. Recent historical milestones of the base include the addition of the Naval and Marine Corps Reserve units in 1989 and the acquisition of the Aerial spray mission in 1991.  In 1994, the unit was redesignated the 910 th Airlift Wing. Today the station is one of the largest employers in the tri-city area, with a direct annual economic impact of $50 million. The aircraft of the 910th Airlift Wing fly across America and around the world on a daily basis, conducting tactical, humanitarian, and aerial spray missions


The 910th Airlift Wing mission is to train to be able to support command level objectives by providing ready forces, airlift and aerial spray operations and base operating support. In wartime, will employ the Lockheed C-130 Hercules aircraft in combat operations of tactical airlift. These operations include low-level infiltration into a combat environment, where aircrews can deliver personnel and materials by airdrop and air-land techniques.

Population Served

Youngstown Air Reserve Station serves a small diverse population. Reservists (both ARTs and TRs), Guardsmen, and active duty from the Air Force, Marines, and Navy have a presence on the installation, you can even find some of the population participating in diverse university programs due to the high level education that the base has within their members. There are several military friendly online colleges that these soldiers can attend to while they’re serving. The number of assigned personnel is around 1,700. A civilian population of approximately 180 adds to that number. The number of retirees and their family members served by Youngstown Air Reserve Station is an estimated 30,000.


Sponsors are assigned to inbound Traditional Reservists to the 910th Airlift Wing through the Military Personnel Flight (MPF), 330-609-1095 or DSN 312-346-1095.

Temporary Quarters

The Eagle’s Nest Lodge offers temporary duty and space-available lodging, and can be contacted via the following methods:

The Eagle’s Nest Lodge
3976 King Graves Rd.
Bldg 106
Vienna, OH 44473
Tel: (330)609-1268
Toll free: 1-800-278-7046 Press 4
DSN: 346-1268
Fax (DSN): 346-1120

Current Room Rates (Fiscal Year 10): 
Visitor Quarter: $53.25
Distinguished Visitor Quarter: $66.75

Relocation Assistance

Youngstown Air Reserve Station has limited relocation services are available. Newcomers briefing is held the each UTA. Please contact the Family Support Office at 330-609-1201 or DSN 312-346-1201 with your questions regarding your relocation to Youngstown.

Contact Information

3976 King Graves Rd
Vienna , OH 44473

Phone 330-609-1000
Phone (DSN) 312-346-1000

AFGE Local 1954 (330) 609-1381
Base Chapel (330) 609-1393
Community Activities Center (330) 609-1139
Base Exchange (330) 609-1395
Base Operator (330) 609-1000
Base Operations (330) 609-1085
Base Supply (330) 609-1051
Base Transportation (330) 609-1759
Civil Air Patrol (330) 609-1203
Civilian Personnel office (330) 609-1343
Communications Help Desk (330) 609-1195
Contracting (330) 609-1155
Credit Union (330) 609-1235
Education & Training (330) 609-1102
Family Support Center (330) 609-1201
Fire Department (330) 609-1369
Fitness Center (330) 609-1281
Historian (330) 609-1582
Legal Office (330) 609-1292
Lodging Reservations (330) 609-1268
Lodging Switchboard (330) 856-3171
Main Gate (330) 609-1590
Marine Corps Reserve Center (330) 609-1945
Medical Squadron (330) 609-1233
Military Equal Opportunity (330) 609-1372
Military Pay (330) 609-1289
Military Personnel Flight Customer Service (330) 609-1095
Naval Reserve Center (330) 609-1900
Omega World Travel (330) 609-1772
Pass and Registration (330) 609-1333
Photo Lab (330) 609-1288
Public Affairs (330) 609-1364
Recruiting (330) 609-1015
Safety (330) 609-1313
Security Forces (330) 609-1277
Sexual Assault Response Coordinator 1-800-342-9647
Space “A” Travel (330) 609-1481
Travel Pay (330) 609-1641