Deseret Chemical Depot

The Deseret Chemical Depot was a U.S. Army chemical weapon storage area located in Utah.


DCD is located 22 miles south of Tooele, Utah; 60 miles southwest of Salt Lake City.

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The Deseret Chemical Depot (DCD) was one of nine Army installations in the United States that stored chemical weapons between 1942 and 2012. The weapons originally stored at the depot consisted of various munitions and ton containers, containing GB, GA and VX nerve agents or H, HD, HT and Lewisite blister agents. All chemical agent munitions at DCD have been destroyed. The Army worked in partnership with Utah state and local government agencies, as well as federal agencies like the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, medicines, to safeguard the local community and protect the environment as we stored and disposed of these chemical weapons.

Contact Information

Deseret Chemical Depot Public Affairs Office
11500 Stark Road, Bldg 5108
Stockton, Utah 84071
Phone: (435) 833-4295
(435) 833-4575
Fax: (435) 833-4580