Giessen Army Depot

Giessen Army Depot is a former military garrison, located 5.7 km east-northeast of Giessen in Hesse, Germany.

The facility opened as a civilian airport in July 1925. The facility was closed by the United States in 2008.

The airfield, however dates to the spring of 1911 when it was first used by biplanes. In 1924 a sports flying event was held at the airfield. In July 1925, Lufthansa operated flights from the new airport to Frankfurt/Main and Kassel. The station building was opened in 1927. Hangars and other buildings began to appear from 1929. In 1933 a beacon was built just off the airfield to facilitate nighttime navigation.

United States Army units moved into the Gießen area in April 1945, and designated the airfield as “Advanced Landing Ground Y-84”. It was used briefly as a casualty evacuation and combat resupply airfield by the IX Air Service Command, Ninth Air Force. After the German Capitulation on 8 May, it was re-designated as “Army Air Forces Station Giessen”.

Army Air Forces units moved out in July, and the facility was taken over by United States Army units, which converted the facility into the Giessen Army Depot, one of the largest depot facilities in Germany, with its own railway system and warehouses. The only known Army Aviation use was the Giessen Army Heliport (Giessen AHP) operated by a detachment of the 503d Combat Aviation Battalion. During the 1950s Elvis Presley was assigned to Giessen.