MCAS New River


Marine Corps Air Station New River is the primary location for the United States Marine Corp helicopter base that resides in the eastern part of Jacksonville, NC while providing aircrew training to the units of the USMC aviation crew. MCAS is located about 4 miles south of downtown Jacksonville on Hwy 17.  Camp Lejeune also resides near New River.

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The base was originally 29 parcels of land, a simple stretch of tobacco farm that was purchased for $64,502 in 1941. Officials at Camp Lejeune investigated the area in search of an existing airfield for hosting aircraft in support of amphibious operations. Capt. Barnett Robinson, a member of Marine Glider Group 71, concluded in his search that the farmland would suit the Marine Corps’ needs. The Air Station was the first Marine Corps base with the new MV-22 Opsrey. It has the ability to fly like a plane, and take off and land like a helicopter. The MV-22 has replaced all of the CH-46E Sea Knights on the east coast. Currently there are six operational Osprey squadrons.


The mission of New River MCAS is to support and enhance the combat readiness of the Marine Corps Aviation Combat Element and Department of Defense units while improving the quality of life for military personnel, their families, and work force assigned to the Air Station.

Population Served

New River MCAS stations approximately 6,000 Marines, sailors, airmen and employ over 600 civilian employees that work on a daily basis to meet the demands of operating the Corps’ only East Coast rotary wing and tiltrotor Air Station.

Base Transportation

There is currently no on-post transportation.


You may email  for Sponsorship opportunities for New River.

Temporary Quarters

Temporary lodging is provided at the Lejeune Inn, Holcomb Blvd, MCB, Camp Lejeune Telephone: 910-451-3041. Reservations can be made 30 days in advance for people on Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders. A deposit equivalent to one days rent is required. Military personnel accompanied by bona-fide dependents and permanently assigned to Camp Lejeune are eligible for family housing. They may apply for all types of quarters for which they are eligible.

Relocation Assistance

New River MCAS understands the need for assistance when you are on a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) move. New River offers several accommodations when inbetween moves to better assist in making the transition as easy as possible. Some of the resources offered are welcoming packages, PCS workshops, Seminars for home buying and selling, loan lockers for your belongings and sponsorship assistance.  For more information on these services, call 449-5258/6110 or stop by bldg AS-232 between the hours of 8 am and 4:30 pm.

Critical Installation Information

All Marines reporting to Marine Corps Air Station for duty during regular business hours will report to the Installation Personnel Administration Center (IPAC) (Bldg AS-201, 910 449-7268) in Service “A” uniform. After regular business hours, all personnel will report to their respective Command Duty Officer either at MAG-26  449-6126, MAG-29 449-6345, or MCAS New River Air Station HQ’s bldg AS-211 449-5411).

In order to be checked in you must have in your possession your Service Record Book, Health, and Dental Record, and one copy of all your previous sets of orders bringing you to MCAS New River and all receipts pertinent to your movement. Upon being checked in with the IPAC, you will then be directed by an IPAC clerk to report to your permanent command for an official reporting endorsement and further administrative processing instructions. All service members from other branches will report to their respective supporting unit detachment for an endorsement and will then report to the IPAC for further administrative processing. This will include a join audit of your Service Record and a complete a travel claim.

CNATT personnel will check in to Bldg AS-255 S-1 (ext. 6724) during normal working hours. Contact the Duty at 910-449-6725 or 910-376-1034 if checking in after normal working hours.

Contact Information

Atlantic Marine Corps Communities 866-509-2424

Bachelor Housing 910-449-6621

Bachelor Officers Quarters 910-449-6621 DSN: (DSN: 752)

Base Operator 910-451-1113 DSN: 751-1113 The base operators are on Camp Lejeune but cover MCAS New River also

Camp Lejeune Child, Youth, & Teen Programs 910-451-1315

Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) (910) 449-5248/5251 DSN: 752-5248/5251

Lejeune Inn 910-451-3041

MCAS New River Child Development Center 910-449-5633

MCAS New River Branch Dental Clinic 910-449-6515/6516

Officer/VIP/DGO Quarters 910-451-2146/1385

Senior Non-Commissioned Officer(SNCO)/VIP Quarters 910-451-5262

Youth Sponsorship Program 910-449-6711