Camp Lemonnier


Camp Lemonnier is located on the south-west side of the Djibouti-Ambouli International Airport, between the runway overflow areas and a French military munitions storage facility. Located in the Horn of Africa, it is the only U.S. military infrastructure in Africa, providing a base of operations geared toward building security, sovereignty, and stability in the region.

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Originally, the camp belonged to the artillery of the French 5th Overseas Task Force (5th RIAOM). Paintings on the wall of the White House are depicting colonial soldiers, former name of the Marine Troops from which the 5th RIAOM was formed. Following use by the 5th RIAOM, the facility was operated by the Djiboutian Armed Forces.

The U.S. Government created Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa (CJTF-HOA) to conduct stability operations in the Horn of Africa after September 11, 2001. In November 2002, the CJTF-HOA staff, a Marine-based organization, arrived off the coast of Djibouti onboard USS Mount Whitney (LCC-20). In May 2003, CJTF-HOA transitioned from the Mount Whitney to Camp Lemonnier, moving all headquarters personnel and equipment.

On July 1, 2006, the United States Marine Corps turned over responsibility for Camp Lemonnier to the U.S. Navy. U.S. Central Command (USCENTCOM) took over as the component commander while the base fell under Commander Navy Region Southwest Asia (CNRSWA).

In January 2007, the U.S. and Djiboutian governments announced that a lease agreement had been signed to expand Camp Lemonnier from 88 acres to nearly 500 acres. The term of the lease was for 5 years with options to renew. With the additional land, the camp improved living conditions for its personnel, installing containerized living units (CLUs) along with concrete sidewalks and gravel roads. This drastically improved quality of life as people moved from tents to CLUs.

On October 1, 2008, Camp Lemonnier was realigned in support of the stand up of U.S. Africa Command (USAFRICOM). Responsibility for CJTF-HOA was transferred from the USCENTCOM to USAFRICOM as it assumed authority over the African theater of operations. The base also changed from CNRSWA to Commander Navy Region Europe, Africa, Southwest Asia (CNEURAFSWA).

In May 2009, Camp Lemonnier welcomed the arrival of the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force P-3 Detachment which has made significant contributions to the anti-piracy mission along with the many coalition ships who have made Djibouti a frequent place to stop. This led to the stand up of the first Harbor Boat Security Unit on the African continent in July 2009, providing port security for ships at the Ports of Djibouti and Doraleh.


Camp Lemonnier provides, operates and sustains superior service to support regional and combatant command requirements; and enables operations in the Horn of Africa while fostering positive U.S.-African Nation relations.

While the United States had long understood that Islamic extremists used the large desert areas of northeastern Africa, known as the Horn of Africa, as a base of operations, its efforts to combat the threat had been minimal before the attacks of Sept 11, 2001. Following the attacks, the U.S. began to expand anti-terrorism efforts in the area. At first, those efforts were limited to focused attacks, but in 2002, the U.S. government realized that to reduce extremism would require long term engagement with the local governments and populations.

As a result, it established the Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa (CJTF-HOA) to conduct stability operations in the area.

Today, Camp Lemonnier is home to CJTF-HOA and 23 tenant commands, serving as a key location from which U.S. and Coalition forces operate in the Horn of Africa.

Population Served

The Camp supports approximately 2,500 U.S., joint and allied forces military and civilian personnel and U.S. Department of Defense contractors. Additionally, the base provides employment for approximately 1,200 local and third country nation workers.

Base Transportation

Currently, there is no base transportation on this installation.


The Sponsorship and Indoctrination Program provides incoming personnel with meaningful pre-arrival communication, adequate support upon arrival and relocation assistance to meet the Sailor’s needs.

The goal of the program is to facilitate a smooth transition and assimilation into the new command.

Relocation Assistance

The Fleet and Family Support Center’s Relocation Assistance Program can make your move a lot easier. Provision of essential medicines. The Relocation Assistance Program (RAP) is designed to make the moving process run as effortlessly as possible for you and your family.

Critical Installation Information

If you are a visitor, access to Camp needs to be coordinated at least 7 days in advance with your Camp sponsor. In addition, lodging and meals at Camp Lemonnier are limited; therefore, all travelers visiting Camp Lemonnier must coordinate lodging and meals with their sponsor prior to executing their travel.

Frequently Called Numbers on Base

Commanding Officer 824-4244

Executive Officer 824-4243

Command Master Chief 824-4239

Quarterdeck DSN 824-2245

Fleet and Family Readiness Officer 824-4539

Work and Family Life Education Specialist 824-4741

Fleet and Family Support Center Site Manager 824-4539

Personal Financial Manager 824-4741

Sexual Assault Response Coordinator 824-4532

Clinical Counselor 824-4539

Fleet Readiness Leading Petty Officer 824-4215

Food Service 824-3173

Morale, Welfare and Recreation Site Manager 824-5041

Navy Exchange 824-2223

Dental Clinic 824-4368

Veterinarian 824-4678

Medical 824-4901

Command Chaplain 824-5075

Staff Chaplain 824-5075

Religious Programs 824-4800

Admin Officer 824-4241

Admin Support 824-4266

Personnel Support 824-4225 or 824-4224

Public Affairs Officer 824-2471

Security Manager 824-4241

Staff Judge Advocate/ Legalman 824-4949

Staff Judge Advocate — CNREURAFSWA Liason 824-4949

Operations Officer 824-4363

Port Operations Officer 824-4238

Air Terminal Operations Center (All Flight Schedule Information) 824-4245

Passenger Services (Including Bus Schedule) 824-4009

Cargo Services 824-2014

Air Operations Officer 824-4260

Air Traffic Control 824-4141

Armory 824-4214

Logistics Officer 824-4132

Postal Officer 824-4276

Logistics Customs/ Workcenter Supervisor 824-4261

Property Manager/ Tax Exemption 824-4969

Mail Clerk/ Postal Leading Petty Officer 824-4275

Public Works Officer 824-4064

Assistant Public Works Officer 824-4687

Environmental Division Head 824-4082

Facilities Management/ Requirements Branch Head 824-4328

Production Chief 824-4277

Construction Manager 824-4761 or 824-4374

Construction Contracting Officer 824-4778 or 824-4788

NCIS Resident Agent in Charge 824-4612

NCIS Logistics Officer 824-4715

NCIS Special Agent 824-4844 or 824-5147

Communications Officer 824-4511

Communication Operations Officer 824-4511

Communications Helpdesk Tech 824-4357

Security Officer 824-4445 or 524-6320

Emergency Management 824-5278/824-4200

Kennel Supervisor 824-4678

Comptroller 824-4028

Commercial Bill Pay Officer 824-4140

Budget and Accounting Clerk 824-4058