CFAS Sasebo


Commander, Fleet Activities Sasebo (CFAS) co-exists with the host nation’s Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force (JMSDF) and is located on Japan’s southernmost island of Kyushu. Sasebo City is roughly a 90 minute drive from Fukuoka City which is Kyushu’s largest city. The base operator’s phone number is 011-81-956-50-6111.

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The important bi-lateral relationship between Japan and the United States that exists today is very much manifest at U.S. Fleet Activities Sasebo. Here, ships of the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force and the United States Seventh Fleet share this excellent port facility.

Sasebo has been an important naval base ever since 1883, when then Lieutenant Commander Heihachiro Togo nominated the tiny fishing village here to be established as the nucleus of a mighty base for the Imperial Japanese Navy. In 1904, ships of the Japanese Navy under Admiral Togo sailed from Sasebo to take on the Russian Baltic Fleet. Admiral Togo’s victory at the Battle of the Tsushima Straits is a classic engagement in naval history. For more information, please visit Sasebo’s homepage.


Fleet Activities Sasebo continues to support ships of the U.S. Seventh Fleet. Service Force ships as well as mine sweeps make Sasebo their homeport. U.S. Fleet Activities Sasebo provides logistic support to the expanded Seventh Fleet.

Sasebo is currently home to Commander, Amphibious Squadron Eleven and assigned ships: USS Essex (LHD-2), USS Harpers Ferry (LSD-49), USS Denver(LPD-9), USS Guardian (MCM-5), USS Patriot (MCM-7), USS Tortuga (LSD 46) and some 5,000 Americans as part of U.S. forward deployed naval forces.

Population Served

CFAS Population – 7200
Active Duty Members – 3100
Family Members – 2400
Japanese Employees – 1450
DoD Civilians – 215

Base Transportation

CFAS base shuttle operates to provide transportation to military and DoD personnel conducting official government business between work areas, office space and troop billets. Shuttle bus runs Monday through Friday excluding holidays. Space available transportation will be provided on existing routes to Off-duty military and DoD personnel, Reserve and National Guard members, family members of active duty personnel, retirees, base volunteers, and visitors to the base. The shuttle bus route is 1 hour in duration. The bus will make every effort to stay on time, but due to changes in traffic conditions throughout the day, the times could fluctuate slightly. Please do not ask the driver to make extra stops or to wait while you conduct business. He is not authorized to do so.


Best practices to a smooth move depend on strong communication between you and your sponsor. FFSC recommends you notify your Sponsor and FMAT at least two weeks in advance of all travel and lodging plans. Please confirm lodging reservations prior to your arrival with Navy Lodge. If an animal is accompanying you, arrangements must be made with FMAT (animals are not permitted on airport shuttle). When contacted FMAT personnel can arrange a van to meet you at the airport and transport your animal to the base.

Request a Sponsor

If you have orders to CFAS shore command or a CFAS ship command and do not yet have a sponsor, you may contact your Command Career Counselor, your Command Sponsorship Coordinator, or request a sponsor from the CFAS webpage. You must have orders in hand before you request a sponsor.

Arrival in Fukuoka

Upon arrival in Fukuoka Airport, a base bus will be located in Terminal Three. Upon exiting the Domestic Terminal turn left and walk to the end of the last parking lot. The base bus will be located at the back of this parking lot and usually is blue in color but may also be a white school bus. Either way both buses will have a U.S. Navy license plate on it. Navy personnel from Family Member Assistant Team (FMAT) will help you board the base bus to CFAS. If you have trouble finding the base bus just ask the Japanese lady’s at the information desk. These desks are located throughout the airport, and the attendants are bilingual.


In Japan: 0956-50-3531

Security Desk
Outside Japan: 011-81-956-50-3446
In Japan: 0956-50-3446

Navy Lodge
Outside Japan: 011-81-956-50-3601

Bachelor Enlisted Housing
In Japan: 0956-50-3413

Bachelor Officer Housing
In Japan: 0956-50-3794

NOTE: DSN Telephone number prefix is “252” and last four digits (315-252-XXXX).

Sponsors are allowed to get a mailbox for incoming family 90 days prior to there arrival. They must have a copy of their orders and a dependent entry approval. The incoming member can only get a mail box if he/she has dependents, if he/she is arriving in Sasebo with no dependents he/she must receive mail at the gaining command. The member has 30 days from date of arrival to report and check with post office to receive mail or the mail will be returned to previous address unless otherwise directed. For further information, contact DSN 315-252-3426, or 011-81-956-50-3426.

Temporary Quarters

Due to a shortage of temporary lodging, personnel arriving with family must confirm their lodging reservations for the Navy Lodge with their sponsor prior to arrival. Single sailors must report to CFAS Quarterdeck and may then contact either the Bachelor Enlisted Housing or Bachelor Officer Housing. Sponsors should confirm reservations.

Pets are not allowed in the Navy Lodge, you must make separate arrangements for your pets. For addition information about the pet holding facility, you can visit the “Paws-n-Claws” website.

Relocation Assistance

The Relocation Assistance office is located in the Fleet & Family Support Center just inside the CFAS main gate, and is standing by to assist you with any of your relocation issues/concerns.

All newcomers are required to attend ICR/AOB, which is a three-day INTRO program that runs Tuesday through Thursday. In order to qualify for a SOFA License you must first provide a copy of your ICR/AOB certificate to the licensing agent. The base Driver’s Safety course is conducted on Friday at the Safety Office. “Free childcare” is provided for the first two days of this course. Please contact the Fleet & Family Support Center in advance to make childcare arrangements.

While basic household goods are available to borrow, portable cribs, high chairs, and infants/toddler car seats are not available at the Sasebo loan closet.

Relocation Assistance Office
Outside Japan: 011-81-956-50-3653/3604
In Japan: 0956-50-3653/3604
DSN: 315-252-3653/3604

Critical Installation Information

A PCS move to Japan requires extensive preparation and detailed information on everything from shipping pets and finding housing to cultural adaptation. It is essential that you visit the relocation assistance office at your local FFSC before you depart.

There are no non-temporary storage facilities in the local area. Because on-base housing and housing on the local economy tend to be small, we recommend you avoid bringing large furniture items or excessive household goods to Sasebo.

We also recommend against bringing vehicles to Sasebo. Although you may be entitled to ship a car to Sasebo, Japan law requires extensive work to convert the car to Japanese specifications prior to being able to license and operate the car. In almost all cases, the conversion costs several thousand dollars and is the sole responsibility of the owner. We recommend that all US cars are sold or stored before moving to Sasebo. There are many reasonably priced used cars available for your time here. Cars range in price from $1,500.00 – $6,000.00. Finally, there are transportation restrictions on large animals. Large animal carriers cannot be accommodated on commercial air or rail to Sasebo.