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Guam is located at 13.28° N, 144.47° E in the western North Pacific Ocean. Guam is a tropical island and is the largest and southernmost island in the Marianas Archipelago, which consists of Guam, Rota, Tinian, Saipan and ten other smaller islands. Guam is about three-quarters of the way from Hawaii to the Philippines and is across the International Dateline from mainland United States. From Guam many exotic ports are within a three to five hour flight such as: Japan, China, Philippines, and Singapore just to name a few. Because most items must be flown or shipped in the cost of living off base is quite high. Guam is known world wide for its friendly and patriotic community, beautiful sunsets, and warm clear ocean waters which are ideal for scuba diving.

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On March 6, 1521 Ferdinand Magellan, a Portuguese explorer who later obtained Spanish nationality, landed on the southern end of Guam. Thirty-five years later, in 1556, Queen Maria Ana, the queen of Spain at the time, claimed Guam and the islands North of Guam as property of Spain. The islands were named the Marianas Islands, in honor of the Queen. After Spain lost the Spanish-American War, Guam was ceded to the United States on December 10, 1898. Guam was placed under Naval government; U.S. Naval Station was established on August 7, 1899, and the entire island of Guam was designated as Naval Station.

The United States controlled Guam until the island was surrendered to the Japanese during World War II on December 10, 1941, a few days after Pearl Harbor was bombed. Guam would later be liberated by the United States from Japanese rule on July 21, 1944. Guam played an important role during World War II. In 1944, Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz came to Guam as Commander in Chief of the U.S. Pacific Fleet and strategically planned the defeat of the Japanese Imperial Forces which aided America’s efforts to bring World War II to a close and ultimately victory.

Guam continued to be under naval rule till the Organic Act was put into effect in 1950. The Organic Act made Guam a self governing territory of the United States and the citizens of Guam became citizens of the United States.

Joint Region Marianas was established in 2009 as the U.S. Navy and U.S. Air Force on Guam combined headquarters at Nimitz Hill. Today, under Joint Region Marianas, U.S. Naval Base Guam and Andersen Air Force base each maintain commanding officers who oversee their respective missions.


The mission of Naval Base Guam is:

To support the forces of the US Pacific Fleet
The warfighters based on Naval Base Guam
The warfighters serviced and supplied by Naval Base Guam
The commands which provide support to the warfighters
The families of those stationed at Naval Base Guam

Population Served

Guam has a population of about 170,000 residents and more than 12,000 military members and their families.

Base Transportation

Naval Base Guam and Joint Region Marianas does not have a base shuttle or on-base taxis. Guam has a mass transit system, but services are very limited and unreliable. Off base taxis and rental cars are quite expensive. It is difficult to get around Guam without a personally owned vehicle.


If you are coming to Guam and have not been assigned a sponsor, contact your gaining command for sponsor assignment or call the Fleet and Family Support Center Guam (FFSC), Monday – Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., 671-333-2056/57 or DSN 315-333-2056/57. You may also contact FFSC Guam if you would like to obtain a Welcome Aboard Package. It is imperative that you are in contact with your sponsor prior to departing your current duty station. You must ensure your sponsor is informed of your itinerary so he/she could make proper arrangements for transportation from the Guam airport. You may also visit the nearest Fleet and Family Support Center (FFSC) to attend a Smooth Move Workshop which will better prepare you and your family for your move to Guam.

All personnel arriving on Guam aboard a commercial or contract airline will land at A. B. Won Pat International Airport. If your sponsor does not meet you at the airport, there is a Military Welcome Center kiosk available as you exit the customs inspection area, located next to the rental car companies. The kiosk has information on Guam, numbers to command quarterdecks, and other important agencies. If your sponsor does not meet you at the airport after normal working hours, call the Naval Base Guam Command Duty Office (CDO) at 671-777-1809.

Temporary Quarters

Prior to arriving on island, individuals with dependents should contact the Family Housing Office at 671-333-2081/2 to schedule an appointment, Monday –Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. You are further advised to submit an advanced housing application (DD-1746) to verify housing eligibility and planning of government quarters availability. Applications should be faxed to 671-339-4048, along with a copy of the member’s orders and service record Page 2 (for dependent verification).

Service members with dependants must contact the Guam Navy Gateway Inns & Suites at 671-339-5259/5139 for reservations once a firm arrival date to Guam is made. If temporary government quarters are not available, NGIS will issue a “NON-AVAILIBILITY” letter with a control number which authorizes Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA) to be used at TLA approved hotels. A list of TLA approved hotels will be provided to you. After choosing a hotel, we recommend you call the hotel directly to make a reservation, please provide the hotel with your control number that was issued to you by NGIS when making the reservation. If government quarters are available for your arrival dates please make reservations with NGIS. It is imperative that you follow this process; this will determine whether or not your first nights on Guam will be spent at the Guam Navy Gateway Inns & Suites or a TLA approved hotel. If this process is not followed you may be in jeopardy of loosing your TLA and your hotel stay maybe paid out of pocket.

Relocation Assistance

The FFSC Guam provides several services through the Relocation Assistance Program. These services include Hospitality Kits, Welcome Aboard Packages, and several classes and workshops. Hospitality Kits are loaner items that are on loan for 45 days to military members and their families and civilian hires with authorized benefits and their families. The kits include pots and pans, dishes, utensils, irons and ironing boards, small appliances, and some baby items. The Loaner Kits are loaned no matter of marital status or living arrangements on or off base.

Through the Relocation Assistance Program, FFSC Guam offers a monthly Welcome to Guam Orientation and Island Tour. Spouses are highly encouraged to attend both classes. FFSC Guam also provides Disaster Preparedness and Smooth Move classes. To inquire about dates and times and to register for classes call FFSC Guam at 671-333-2056/57 or DSN 315-333-2056/57, Monday – Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Critical Installation Information

Guam is situated in a prime tropical cyclone formation area of the western Pacific and cyclones can and do occur. Typhoons can occur throughout the year but are more likely during June through December. Homes are built to be typhoon resistant and can handle the weather. Although recovery is sometimes long and difficult, Guam and its people are practiced in storm recovery and deal well with the situation. But in order to increase your comfort during recovery, it is recommended that you bring a generator, as generators on the island are costly and hard to find when needed.

It is required that military and civilian dependant’s with a valid driver’s license from one of the 50 United States or a United States territory must surrender their valid driver’s license and obtain a Guam’s driver’s license within 30 days off arriving on Guam. Active duty members with a valid driver’s license from one of the 50 United States or a United States territory does not have to obtain a Guam driver’s license as long as the license stays current. If the driver’s license expires during their tour on Guam, the service member should contact the state/territory that issued the driver’s license and ask for an extension; if the state/territory does not extend the license the service member must obtain a Guam driver’s license.

Guam does not recognize, nor accept, motorcycle licenses not issued by the Guam Department of Motor Vehicles. All personnel arriving on the island with a valid motorcycle license other than Guam are required to pass a written and road test prior to being issued a Guam Motorcycle License. Joint Region Marianas policy states that all Naval personnel operating a motorcycle must attend a Motorcycle Safety Course prior to issuance of a base decal; service members who have passed the course at other installations are still required to take the course. Guam does not have a helmet law, but Joint Region Marianas policy states that all military personnel stationed on Guam will wear a helmet when operating or riding a motorcycle on or off base.

Guam’s roads are not well lit or marked and roads tend to become very slippery when it rains. Drive with caution.

Frequently Called Numbers on Base

Base Operator (315) 333-2059 011-671-333-2056

Andersen Lodge – Andersen AFB (671)366-8201(DSN)/6130/8144 Fax: 366-6264

Andersen Pet Lodge (671) 366-5020 Fax: (671) 366-5021

Billeting (671)339-5259 Fax: (671)339-6250 DSN: (315)339-5259 DSN Fax: (315)339-6250

Branch Dental Clinic (671)339-4374 / (671)339-3175 DSN: (315)339-5146

Branch Medical Clinic (315)339-7118 (DSN)

Central Billeting Office (671)339-5259/ (671)339-5139/(671)339-7229 Fax: (671)339-6250

Child Development Center – Commander Naval Forces Marianas (671)564-1844/45

Child Development Center – Naval Hospital (671)472-2312/3

Child Development Homes (671) 564-2262

Education Office 339-5238 DSN: 349-5238

Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) (671) 344-9726

Housing Office – Andersen AFB (315)366-2206(DSN)/2127/5511/8143 Fax: (671)366-2402

Navy Housing Welcome Center (671)333-2081 /(671)333-2082 Fax: (671) 339-6111 DSN: 315-333-2081 DSN Fax: 315-339-6111

Youth Center – Commander Naval Forces Marianas (671)564-1838/9

Youth Center – South Finegayan (671)637-2730/31