Mountain Home Air Force Base


Mountain Home Air Force Base is located on a high-desert plateau between two large mountain ranges and is situated about 50 miles southeast of Boise, and 90 miles northwest of Twin Falls, Idaho.

The city of Mountain Home is located just 12 miles northeast is the largest city in the county of Elmore County, Idaho.

Mountain Home began as a post office at Rattlesnake Station, about 7 miles east of the the present-day city. Rattlesnake Station was situated at the junction of the Oregon Trail and the old Kelton (Utah) Boise stage coach road. In 1883, when the Oregon Short Line Railroad arrived, the city center was moved from its original location to its current home.

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Construction of the field began in October 1942, and it officially opened August 7, 1943.


Mountain Home AFB is home to the 366th Fighter Wing with the mission to “develop and deploy combat-ready Airmen, take care of Gunfighters and protect and enhance our resources.” The 366th Fighter Wing blends the firepower of the F-15C Eagles and the F-15E Strike Eagles, to form a cohesive aerial strike force.

Population Served

The population at Mountain Home AFB is roughly 4,500 active duty, 6,000 family members, 7,000 retirees, and 650 civilian employees.

Base Transportation

Your sponsor will arrange transportation onto the base or you can call the base taxi at 828-2215 or the Mountain Home Shuttle Service at 580-1887.


Upon receiving notification of your pending assignment here, you should have been assigned a sponsor from your unit. If you don’t have a sponsor and need one, call the personnel employments office at 828-2254. Your sponsor should help you get acquainted with the base as well as help you with any housing needs you have, whether you are a family needing a home or a single Airman who will be residing in the dormitories.

If you arrive at Mountain Home AFB by commercial taxi, you should call your sponsor from the visitor’s center located next to the main gate. Your sponsor will arrange transportation onto the base or you can call the base taxi at 828-2215. You should go to your unit or to the military personnel flight during duty hours or to base lodging after duty hours, unless other arrangements have been made for you.

Temporary Quarters

All rooms and TLF units have full phone services, CONUS DSN capabilities and voice mail. A full range of amenities are available 24 hours a day. Our fitness center includes two bicycles, an elliptical, resistance bands and mats. All rooms include wireless internet, cable television, micro-fridges and coffee service. We offer pet-friendly units, please contact us for more information. Check-in time is 2:00 p.m., check-out time is 11:00 a.m., late check-outs are not authorized due to limited availability. A credit card to put on file or advanced payment is required upon check-in. Space-A payment is due upon check-in.

For reservations: CONUS toll-free 1-888-AF-LODGE, local numbers 208-828-5200, ext. 0 or DSN 312-728-5200, ext. 0. Colonel equivalents and above, as well as Chief Master Sergeants may call the 366th Wing Protocol at 208-828-4536 or DSN 312-728-4536 for DV rooms. TLFs must be requested through the Sagebrush Inn regardless of rank. Space A reservations are limited to a maximum stay of three days per reservation depending on availability.

Relocation Assistance

575 Gunfighter Ave, Bldg 180, Mountain Home AFB ID 83648.
Phone number : (208)828-2458 and DSN 312-728-2458.

Contact Information

Public Affairs:
(208) 828-6800
DSN: 728-6800

Airspace Scheduling
(208) 828-4607/2172
DSN: 728-5607/2172

*Base Phonebook

Arts and Craft Center, 828-6680

Auto Skills, 828-2295

Bank – Pioneer Federal Credit Union, 832-4675

Bank – Wells Fargo, 832-7582

Barber Shop – BX, 832-7191

Base Exchange, 832-4353

BX – Beauty Shop, 832-4090

BX – Cleaners, 832-7465

Base Operator, 828-1110

Billeting, 828-5200

Bowling, 828-6329

Chaplain, 828-6417

Child Development Center, 828-2443

Civilian Pay, 828-3537

Civilian Personnel, 828-3822

Class Six Store, 832-4660

Commissary, 828-2286

Community Center, 828-2246

Consolidated Club – Gunfighters Club, 828-2105/6

Dining Hall – Wagon Wheel Dining Facility, 828-6420

Enlisted Club, 828-2105/6

Family Housing, 828-2781

Family Services, 828-2458

Finance Customer Service, 828-2254

Fire Dept – 828-6292

Flower Shop, 832-4220

Golf Course, 828-6151

Gym – 828-2381/2543

Hospital Appointments, 828-7900

Hospital – General Number, 828-7900

Hospital – Pharmacy, 828-7480

Household Goods – Inbound, 828-1466

Household Good – Outbound, 828-4160

Housing Maintenance, 832-4643

Legal Office, 828-2238

Library, 828-2326

Military Personnel Flight, 828-2133

Officer’s Club, 828-2105/6

Outdoor Recreation, 828-6333

Pass & Registration, 828-6022

Post Office, 832-7008

Protocol, 828-4536

Public Affairs, 828-6800

Red Cross, Boise, 947-4357

Service Station – Shoppette, 832-4660

Sexual Assault Prevention & Response Office, 828-SARC (7272)

Swimming Pool, 828-6620

Theater, 828-2431

Thrift Shop, 828-2534

TRICARE, 1-888-874-9378

Veterinary, 828-2221

Visitors center, 828-6022

Voting Assistance Office, 828-4878

Youth Center, 828-2501