Baumholder, United States Army Garrison


The United States Army Garrison (USAG) Baumholder, affectionately known as “the Rock” is set in the wooded hills of the Western Palatinate in the German federal state of Rheinland-Pfalz. USAG Baumholder’s base operator is 011-49-711-680-113 or DSN 314-485-1110.

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Baumholder and its sister communities are rich in history. Baumholder itself has medieval origins, as the first recorded mention of the town is found in a document dating back to 1156. World War II brought the military to Baumholder. The German government appropriated 29,158 acres and resettled about 842 families from 14 villages to clear the land for use by the Third Reich. Thus, Baumholder’s major training area came to be. In 1951, Americans took over the larger part of the post. Baumholder is now the home for the largest concentration of combat Soldiers outside the United States.


USAG Baumholder provides management of Army installations operations that support readiness and mission execution. Bamberg provides equitable services and facilities, optimize resources, sustain the environment and enhances “Leading Change for Installation Excellence.”

Population Served

USAG Baumholder consists of 4,379 U.S. Army Military, 6,547 U.S. Military Family Members, 606 U.S. DOD/Contract Staff, 360 U.S. Civilian Family Members, 110 U.S. Retirees, and 500 Local National Employees.

Base Transportation

Community shuttle bus service is provided for on duty U.S. military and civilian personnel. Off duty personnel and family members may use this service on a space-available basis.

The buses run Monday through Saturday (except on U.S. holidays) between Baumholder (Smith Barracks and Wetzel Housing), and Landstuhl Regional Medical Center (Tuesdays and Thursdays only).


Service members should register for a sponsor through S-GATE (Sponsorship Gateway to Europe) as soon as they are notified of the assignment. Your sponsor can help with information about your new unit and the Baumholder area, as well as answer any questions you might have.

Ninety days prior to your arrival date, your sponsor can contact the post office and complete DA Form 3955 to obtain a mailing address for you to begin forwarding your mail. All mail received will be held for your arrival. If you are delayed in route, it is imperative that you notify your sponsor to inform the post office so that your mail will not be returned to sender. The main post office, located on Smith Barracks, Building 8667 can also be called direct at 011-49-6783-67551, DSN 314-485-7551.

Temporary Quarters

Temporary lodging is available on Smith Barracks in the Lagerhof Inn. Incoming personnel or their sponsor can make their own reservations in advance to ensure availability. Contact Lagerhof Inn at 011-496-06783-999-300. If the Lagerhof Inn is full, a list of local hotels is available to provide alternate temporary lodging arrangement. Please be advised that off post temporary lodging will require cash payment in Euros before check-out. Be sure to have sufficient funds to cover your off post stay.

Relocation Assistance

The goal of the Army Community Service (ACS) Relocation Readiness Program is to help you settle into your new home as quickly and easily as possible. We offer an orientation class for incoming Soldiers and Families called Culture College 101. Culture College 101 is a two day program designed to provide Service members and their Families with an overview of German culture and language and provide an introduction to Baumholder and the surrounding community.

The ACS Lending Closet offers kitchen items and some children’s items that can be checked out for a period of up to 60 days by both in and out processing Soldiers and Family members. Bed linens, towels and similar items are not available through the ACS Lending Closet and should be packed in hand baggage or in luggage. ACS is located in Bldg. 8746, or you can call us at 011-49-6783-68188, DSN 314-485-8188.

Critical Installation Information

On Post Construction

Construction on post will be a way of life here for the next several years as housing and facilities upgrade and expand. Be prepared for delays, detours and closings.

Driver’s License

Be sure to obtain or renew your stateside driver license prior to arriving in Baumholder. A valid stateside license is required before obtaining a USAEUR driver’s license. The USAEUR license is required prior to driving in Germany. Attendance at the driver’s orientation course is required prior to taking the International Road sign and written driving test.

An International Driver’s License is required for those individuals wishing to drive outside the country of Germany using a USAEUR license. An International Driver’s license can be obtained stateside through the AAA or can be obtained locally after receiving authentication from the Baumholder Driver’s Testing station.


The NATO Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) requires that dependent members of the U.S. Forces and DoD civilians and their dependents be identified as such in their passports. This identification is commonly called a “SOFA Identification Certificate.” A person could encounter problems crossing an international border (for example, a border to any European Union (EU) member country), while using a passport without a SOFA Identification Certificate. This is true especially when the person is a citizen or national of a country that requires a visa for entry into Germany (for example, Ethiopia, Philippines). A person who has a passport with a SOFA Identification Certificate usually may use the passport to travel to any NATO country. However, when a person having a passport with a SOFA Identification Certificate is required to have a passport without a SOFA Identification Certificate, the person must get another passport at their own expense.

Frequently Called Numbers on Base

U.S. Army Garrison Baumholder numbers
Dial mil 485 or civ 06783-6 and the last four digits listed below

Garrison Commander 1500

Deputy Garrison Commander 1510

Garrison Command Sergeant Major 1520

S-2/3 DPTMS (Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security) 1530

S-4 DOL (Directorate of Logistics) 1540

S-1 (Directorate of Community Activities) 1550

DPW, Directorate of Public Works 1560

Community Ministry Team, Chaplain 1570

Provost Marshal 1580

Public Affairs Office 1600

Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment 1610

Emergency Numbers

Ambulance 116 during and after duty hours

American Red Cross mil 431-2334 or civ (07031) 15-334

Fire 117

Police 114 for Military Police or 110 for German Police

Emergency Work Order 115

Information 113

Telephone Repair 119