Carlisle Barracks


Carlisle Barracks is the nation’s second oldest active military base located in in Cumberland County in South Pennsylvania, about 20 miles from Harrisburg.

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Carlisle Barracks is the second oldest army installation, dating back to 1745, when British soldiers created the “Camp near Carlisle.” In December 1776, the Continental Congress authorized establishment of an ordnance center at Washingtonburg, as the Barracks was called during the Revolutionary War. Carlisle Barracks was the home of the Indian Industrial School where the All-American football halfback Jim Thorpe attended. Carlisle Barracks is now an Installation Management Agency installation supporting the U.S. Army War College.


The U.S. Army Garrison provides quality infrastructure and services to support Carlisle Barracks units’ mission readiness and execution while enabling the well-being of the regional military community.

Population Served

Carlisle Barracks populates around 547 active military members, 1299 civilians,  51,357 military retirees and averaging around 1313 family members.

Base Transportation

No public transportation is provided on the installation.


Sponsorship is very important at Carlisle Barracks. The Human Resources Directorate provides the following support to the Carlisle Barracks community in the way of sponsorship: An initial email letter welcoming Students and Staff and Faculty to the installation (this email notification provides a Login and Password to access online instructions and information about the installation.

Temporary Quarters

Army Lodging at Carlisle Barracks, provides temporary lodging for authorized personnel requiring accommodations. Requests for lodging during official travel are accepted anytime, confirmed TDY/PCS reservation will be provided 30 days prior to arrival. Unofficial travel reservation requests during September through May are accepted two weeks prior to arrival. Unofficial travel reservation requests during June through August are accepted only 3 days prior to arrival. All reservations can be made by phoning 717-245-4245 or by e-mail.

Relocation Assistance

The Relocation Readiness Program (RRP) ensures all arriving and departing members well supported by providing relocation assistance, training, information, and referral. Mandatory Newcomers Orientations are held quarterly at Letort View Community Center. During this orientation employees will have the opportunity to meet the Garrison Commander and various organization POCs. Each organization will provide valuable information. Contact the Relocation Program Manager, at 717-245-3685, DSN 312-242-3685.

Critical Installation Information

The Carlisle Barracks operator can be reached by calling 717-245-3131 or DSN 312-242-3131.

Family Quarters has government housing for a total of 321 families. For those unable to be housed on the installation, they will be referred with assistance in locating a home in the local community. Current information on quarters availability and off post housing may be obtained at the Housing Office 717-245-4017, DSN 312-242-4017.

Child Development Center provides full day, part-day and hourly care. Further information can be obtained by contacting the Child Development Center 717-245-4743, DSN 312-242-4743.

On post residents with pets must register with the Veterinary Treatment Facility in Building 627-A. All active duty and retired military members and family members are authorized to use the Veterinary Treatment facility. For additional information please call 717-245-4168, DSN 312-242-4168 to schedule appointments.

Contact Information

Adult Education Centers
Adult Education Centers
609 Butler Road
Carlisle, PA 17013
Phone 717-245-3943
Phone (DSN) 312-242-3943
Fax 717-245-3610
Fax (DSN) 312-242-3610

Barracks/Single Service Member Housing
Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers (BOSS)
460 Sumner Road
Room 307
Building 116
Carlisle Barracks, PA 17013
Phone 717- 245-4316
Phone (DSN) 312-242-3643
Fax 717-245-3268

Beneficiary Counseling Assistance Coordinators
Health Benefits Advisor
450 Gibner Road
Carlisle, PA 17013
Phone 717 245-4112
Phone (DSN) 312-242-4112
Fax 717-245-3034
Fax (DSN) 312-242-3034

Child Development Centers
Child Development Center
455 Fletcher Road
Headquarter Carlisle Barracks,
Carlisle, PA 17013
Phone 717-245-3701
Phone (DSN) 312-242-3701
Fax 717-245-3015
Fax (DSN) 312-242-4615

Citizenship and Immigration Services
Citizenship and Immigration Service
1600 Callowhill Street
Philadelphia, PA 19130
Phone 800-375-5283 / 717-240-6195 / 1-877-247-4645 U.S. Military Hot-line
Phone (DSN) 312-242-4940
Fax (DSN) 312-242-3989

Commissary Manager
844 Sumner Road
Carlisle, PA 17013
Phone 717-245-3105 ext 213
Fax 717-245-3888

Moblization and Deployment Program Manager
632 Wright Avenue
Room 117
Carlisle Barracks, PA 17013
Phone 717-245-4357 / 717-245-3685
Phone (DSN) 312-242-4357 / 3685
Fax 717-245-4679
Fax (DSN) 312-242-4679

EFMP – Family Support
EFMP Family Support
632 Wright Avenue
Room 124
Carlisle , PA 17013
Phone 717-245-3775

AAFES Manager
844 Sumner Road
Carlisle, PA 17013
Phone 717-245-3105 ext 213
Fax 717-245-3888

Emergency Relief Services
Army Emergency Relief
632 Wright Avenue
Room 126
Carlisle, PA 17013
Phone 717-245-4720
Phone (DSN) 312-242-4720
Fax 717-245-4679
Fax (DSN) 312-242-4679

Hospital/Medical Treatment Facility(s)
Dunham U. S. Health Clinic
Blding 450
Carlisle, PA 17013
Phone 717-245-3400
Phone (DSN) 312-242-3400
Fax 717-245-3880

Housing Office/Government Housing
Housing Office / Government Housing
451 Fletcher Road
Housing Division
Carlisle, PA 17013
Phone 717-245-4959 / 717-258-8900 / 717-245-4952
Phone (DSN) 312-242-4959
Fax 717-245-3446

ID/CAC Card Processing
46 Ashburn Drive, Room 133
Human Resources Directorate
Carlisle Barracks, PA 17013
Phone 717-245-3533
Phone (DSN) 312-242-3533
Fax 717-245-4227
Fax (DSN) 312-242-4227

Relocation Assistance Program
Relocation Assistance Program
632 Wright Avenue
Room 117
Carlisle, PA 17013
Phone 717-245-3685
Phone (DSN) 312-242-3685
Fax 717-245-4679
Fax (DSN) 312-242-4679