Marine Corps Air Station Miramar

MCAS Miramar, formerly Naval Air Station (NAS) Miramar, is a United States Marine Corps installation that is home to the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing.


MCAS Miramar is located approximately 15 miles north of downtown San Diego, near I-15 and town of Mira Mesa. The installation is close to the Navy ships that our Marines deploy on, the areas in which our aviation units train, and the ground combat troops we support. MCAS Miramar is strategically positioned approximately 40 miles south of Camp Pendleton, the Corps’ largest amphibious assault training area. the Naval Air Station North Island, the largest aerospace industrial complex, is 20 miles south of Miramar.

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Miramar is a former cattle and citrus ranch that was first acquired by the military for Army Infantry Training in 1914, and was named Camp Kearny. After World War I, aviation had secured a foothold in San Diego and in military strategy. Miramar became an Auxiliary field for the Navy and a major air base for the Marine Corps.

Miramar quickly expanded when World War II broke out. Redesigned in 1946 as MCAS Miramar, the Marines soon moved to El Toro in 1947. On April 1, 1952, Miramar was developed as a Master Jet Station of the Pacific fleet.

In 1960, the eastern-most portion of present-day MCAS Miramar was transferred to the Air Force, and later to the NASA for missile testing. The remaining portion of the Camp Elliot and NASA training sites were transferred back to NAS Miramar in 1997.

On October 1, 1997, Naval Air Station Miramar officially became MCAS Miramar again following the closure of MCAS El Toro and Tustin.


Strategically located close to the Navy ships, its mission is to support all aircraft operations occurring on MCAS Miramar and serve as vital player in carrying out the Marine Corps’ mission to train, equip and deploy forces to fulfill its expeditionary mission should the situation arise and to respond to a variety of crises around the world.

Population Served

Personnel assigned to MCAS Miramar:

MCAS Miramar 3rd marine Aircraft Wing Marine Aircraft Group 46 (Reserve) Naval Consolidated Brig Company A, 4th Tanks
Military (including Fleet Assistance program), 898 Military 9,686 Active Duty Military, 351 Military, 171 Military, 96
Civilian, 278 Civilians, 10 Reserve Military, 918 Civilians, 31 Civilians, 0

Base Transportation

Currently, there is no base transportation on this installation.


The sponsorship program on MCAS Miramar is provided to inbound personnel on PCS orders by their prospective command or unit. Personnel requesting a sponsor should contact their gaining command’s sponsor coordinator prior to their PCS transfer. Relocation specialists are available to assist members with their sponsorship request, and can be contacted at 858-577-1428 or DSN 312-267-1428.

Upon your arrival you can go to the Midway Post Office at 2535 Midway Dr., San Diego, CA; 619-758-7125 to pick up your mail or check on it within the 10-day time requirement.

Temporary Quarters

MCAS Miramar temporary lodging is the Miramar Inn. It is located in building 2515 on Bauer Road. For reservation, contact 800-628-9466 or 858-271-7111. Please be advised, the Miramar Inn does not have accommodation for pets.

If you are active duty, retired, a reservist or a Department of Defense employee, you can sponsor friends and family to stay at the Miramar Inn. Family members and guests of military personnel may stay at Miramar Inn, but the military member must be present at check-in. Call 858-271-7111 x 0 to take advantage of this great deal.

Military members with dependents traveling accompanied or unaccompanied and who are entitled to TLE (Temporary Lodging Expense) must first try to stay in billeting or the Miramar Inn. For billeting information, you may call 858-577-4233.

Relocation Assistance

Upon receiving PCS orders you may contact the Relocation Office. You may request that a welcome aboard package be mailed to you. Providing your e-mail address will also allow the Relocation Office to send you information immediately. This is valuable information to help with your move and settling in to the new location.

Contact the Relocation Assistance Office for additional information at 858-577-1428 or DSN 312-267-1428.

Critical Installation Information

Quality of life construction is ongoing on MCAS Miramar.

  • Miramar housing complex has added 77 new housing units available for Marines and dependents in pay grade E-1 thru Officers.
  • A new child care center with capacity for 200 children is fully operational.
  • A brand new facility Youth and Teen Center is fully operational and has received a prestigious Merit Awards for Program Excellence. The Youth Center has something for everyone under 18.
  • A major expansion and renovation of the Marine Corps Exchange has been completed and fully operational. This new and existing building has the appearance of one large department store.

Contact Information

The base operator’s phone number is 858-577-1011.